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Celebrating National Pizza Week

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This week marks National Pizza Week (January 8-14, 2023) and it’s a week that Suburban Propane can really get behind.

Suburban Propane is a born and bred New Jersey-based company, and you know what that means…pizza is in our DNA. And Jersey does not disappoint when it comes to pizza! We never have to go far for unique and amazing pizza, whether it’s Sicilian, Grandma, Margherita, thin-n-crispy or whatever your mood requests; pizza always seems to be available right around the corner.

Because it’s National Pizza Week, many of the nationwide pizza chains, and maybe even your local mom-and-pop pizzeria, are offering deals to celebrate. We encourage you to do a little research and save a little coin.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Cooked on Propane blog post if propane wasn’t in the conversation. While there will always be a need for takeout pizza, nothing is better than homemade pizza. No car ride where the cheese slides around and the pizza is cold by the time you get home. Want to make the most authentic pizza at home? Invest in a propane-powered pizza oven!

Yes, a propane pizza oven might seem over the top, but it is a versatile appliance. It can cook more than pizza: think fish, vegetables, steak, potatoes, bread… the high temperatures allow you to accomplish delicious meals in a shorter amount of time.

Back to the main topic: pizza.

  • Why a propane pizza oven over other choices? These are easier to operate and allow for faster heating than other methods. Not to mention they are easier to clean when finished cooking.
  • What to look for when making a purchase. Size is important. Where do you plan on placing your propane pizza oven? Storing it? Do you plan on taking the pizza oven with you camping, to tailgates, or to a friend’s house? What size pizza do you want to cook? Plan on lots of small personal pizzas or larger family sizes? The oven’s cooking surface will dictate your size options.
  • Do you have a budget? Propane pizza ovens can range in price. You can find very basic models in the low $100 range on up to a few thousand. For most people, a basic model in the $200-$300 range will accomplish all their pizza dreams.
  • Other things to consider. Ease of set up and use. Preheat time. Recovery time between pizzas. Looks. Customer reviews and comments.

Like anything, you’re going to need some accessories to up your game.

  • Pizza Peel. A pizza peel is a board on a long handle that helps get the pizza in and out of the oven with ease.
  • Rocker Cutter. Cuts pizza in half with one quick move.
  • Pizza Board/Pan. Appropriately sized pans are used for cutting and serving the pizza.
  • Brush. Cleans the pizza oven after cooking, brushes off excess flour, and scrapes away fallen food.
  • Stand. Most pizza ovens don’t come with a stand. If you don’t have a spot, invest in a stand or folding table.
  • Cover. If your oven doesn’t come with a cover, you’re going to need one to protect it from the elements. If your pizza oven is portable, this will allow you to take it on the go with ease.

Here are some pizza recipes for you to enjoy this week, compliments of Cooked on Propane:

You are now all set to enjoy National Pizza Week however you chose. If you own or decide you need a propane-powered pizza oven in your life, please tag Suburban Propane in your social media photos. We’d love to see what you created!

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