The Suburban Propane Experience: the Three Pillars approach highlights our company’s many strengths, our commitment to our employees and the communities we serve and the sustainability of propane as an American energy source.

Our Three essential Pillars are:
  1. Suburban Commitment: Showcasing our 90-year plus legacy, unwavering commitment to the highest standards for safety and the peace of mind that comes from the flexibility, reliability and dependability that underscores our commitment to excellence in customer service will take center stage in this pillar. Supported by the tagline, “Delivering excellence locally, backed by our strong national presence,” this pillar harnesses our dedication to providing the highest quality service to our customers.
  2. SuburbanCares: Highlighting our continued dedication to giving back to the local communities across our footprint, as well as the many employee-focused initiatives that make Suburban Propane a great place to work. We have an unparalleled record of employee longevity supported by our devotion to career development, and a rich tradition of community involvement demonstrated through our national partnership with the American Red Cross and countless local community sponsorships and events
  3. Go Green with Suburban Propane: We are focused on promoting the affordable, clean burning and versatile nature of propane gas as a bridge to a green energy future. Propane is non-toxic, produces virtually no sulphur – a primary cause of the greenhouse effect – and, as a motor fuel, emits 60% to 70% less smog producing hydrocarbons than traditional gasoline and diesel fuels

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