The Energy Partner You Can Rely On

Our commitment to service and safety strengthens your reputation. No matter how you use propane for your commercial operation, Suburban Propane is ready for you. With over 95 years of service, and locations throughout the country, we offer the expertise you want and the fuel supply you need. As your energy partner you can count on us to:

  • Adhere to your schedule
  • Respond promptly to your requests
  • Supply reliable delivery of propane
  • Install quality equipment, with an emphasis on safety
  • Provide 24/7/365 emergency service you can trust

Increase Your Traffic and Sales

Propane bulk refilling stations make it easy for you to offer customers the propane they need for travel trailers, motor homes, boats, BBQ grills, and camp heaters.

Resale Dispenser Services

  • State-of-the-art equipment for refilling most propane cylinders
  • Assistance in obtaining permits for dispenser placement
  • Tank delivery and installation at your location
  • On-site instruction on equipment use and safety

Safety Assurance

  • Consultation, testing, and training services to assist in keeping you compliant with industry regulations
  • Safety Check of your filling station during each delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you build traffic and revenues with a refilling station installed by Suburban Propane?

  • Serve More Customers — Serve those who use propane for RVs and motor homes, camp heaters, boats, forklifts, lawn mowers, and more.
  • Lower Cost — Buying propane in bulk can help you reduce costs and increase payback.
  • No Additional Overhead — Maximize your existing staff and facility.
  • Refill Savings for Your Equipment — Refill your own cylinders at cost!

How do your customers benefit from refilling versus exchanging?

  • They Keep It — Refilling allows them to keep their own personal cylinder.
  • They Get More — Refilling gets them a full 20-lb cylinder of propane whereas cylinder exchange only provides a minimum of 15 pounds of propane (that’s up to 25% more).
  • They Cook Longer — A full cylinder provides more burn time so they can keep grilling.
  • They Save — They not only save money but time as well. Their cylinder lasts longer so they make less trips to refill or exchange it.

What marketing support will you get from Suburban Propane?

  • Cross-Promote Your Brand on Social Media — We can promote your brand to our followers on social media and develop campaigns to drive customers to your location.
  • Cross-Promote Your Brand on Our Website — We can add links to your business from our website to increase your visibility
  • Co-Sponsor an Event — Coordinate and support a local community event or Open House at your location.
  • Produce Marketing Materials — Provide access to materials to help promote your cylinder refilling business. Promotional packages include banners, feather signs and print collateral.

Whether your propane requirements are large or small, time-sensitive or long-term, we’re prepared to meet your needs.