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Why Propane is Perfect for Residential Heating Over Oil or Electric

For new and current homeowners alike there’s something about the comfort of home. From décor and design to appliances and keeping your space warm, your home is your most valuable and costly asset. When it comes to residential heating, homeowners understand it’s crucial to have a dependable energy source without negatively impacting annual energy costs. Whether you’re in the market for a new heating system like a furnace or boiler, or contemplating making changes, now is the perfect time to consider propane. Here are five reasons propane is a cost-efficient, safe, and reliable energy source for residential heating over oil or electricity.

  1. Reduced Maintenance Hassles: Propane furnaces and boilers are low-maintenance heating solutions and last longer than those using heating oil. Generally, propane heating appliances generate less soot and residue during combustion, resulting in cleaner components and reduced wear and tear. According to Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), propane furnaces offer best-in-class efficiency, with ratings from 90 to 98 percent. Meanwhile, propane boilers offer up to 19 percent savings over standard efficiency boilers. With high efficiency and fewer maintenance requirements, you’ll save time and money by switching to propane.
  2. Higher Efficiency, Lower Costs: Propane heating appliances are renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency – even in extreme weather conditions. Propane can outperform both oil and electricity when comparing heat output per unit of fuel. This efficiency translates to lower heating bills, as propane’s higher energy content allows you to heat your home more effectively, reducing the need for constant refueling.
  3. Instant and Consistent Heat: Propane delivers heat almost instantaneously, ensuring your home becomes cozy and warm in a matter of minutes while maintaining consistent temperatures. On the other hand, oil and electricity require more time to heat up, leading to temperature fluctuations and discomfort, and may negatively impact your energy costs.
  4. Wider Availability and Convenience: Propane is domestically produced and widely available, and Suburban Propane has been serving customers since 1928. Offering flexible delivery options, and locations nationwide, Suburban Propane will help ensure you have propane when you need it most. It’s clear why existing homes and new construction rely on propane as their main energy source for comfort and efficiency.
  5. Safe and Clean Energy Source: Propane produces fewer harmful emissions when burned compared to its oil or electric counterparts. If heating oil were to leak or spill it may create damage and costly clean ups. Concurrently, propane will not contaminate water or soil and prevails as a safe, clean alternative energy source.

Propane outshines its oil and electric counterparts for residential heating on multiple fronts. With higher efficiency and rapid heat delivery to reduced maintenance needs, propane offers a comprehensive solution to your home heating needs. Moreover, propane is extremely versatile and a single energy source that can power numerous residential applications such as cooking, clothes drying or heating your pool, and powering generators. By converting to propane, you can enjoy the convenience of a reliable, cost-effective, and comfortable heating system, and much more.


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