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PA Balloon Fest Powered by Suburban Propane

hot air balloon event

There’s something inspiring about watching a dozen or more hot air balloons being inflated at once, as they gradually expand on a grand scale and start reaching skyward. But when that same scene is set at twilight, and the massive balloons actually glow from the propane-fueled flames that inflate them, the spectacle is nothing short of awesome. Just ask Kim W., Manager Suburban Propane in Exton, PA.

“We were one of the sponsors of the recent West Chester Balloon Festival,” Kim W. says, “and from our booth we could watch the balloons lift off. Many of the balloon owners thanked us for supplying the propane, and our participation in the event was announced throughout the weekend.” Assisting Kim W. at the booth — giving out bottles of water and balloons for the kids — were Delivery Driver Bill and Customer Relationship Specialists Erin and Bethann. “Water is the least expensive giveaway and it is most appreciated,” Kim W. notes. “In addition, I had a side table set up with coloring pages from the Kids Propane Safety website (

The kids had fun coloring and blowing up balloons. Best of all, we had the opportunity to shake hands with many of our customers, and talked to many people who inquired about switching companies. We created brand recognition and built a lot of goodwill. Bill, Erin and Bethann represented Suburban Propane in a very professional manner and we had a great time.” And, just for good measure, Suburban Propane’s booth was located right next to a food stand, which traded all-you-can-eat ribs for bottles of water. “We made out on that deal,” Kim W. says.

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