It takes fire to fight fire – and not just on the line where wildfires have been raging in drought-stricken California. The firefighters of Cal Fire who do the demanding and dangerous work need hot water and cooked meals at their remote camps, and that requires a reliable supply of propane whenever and wherever those camps are established.


In rural areas of the Golden State’s Central Coast region, Suburban Propane’s customer service center in Marina has been providing that supply, making timely deliveries of propane when no one else has been able to answer the call. “We’ve delivered tanks to Cal Fire as they’ve fought two fires in this area recently,” says Marina Customer Service Center Manager Carla M. “We delivered to the Tassajara Fire headquarters and to the Toro Park Fire headquarters. Cal Fire doesn’t even bother trying to contact other competitors in the area. They always call us first and so far we have always been able to deliver. I think that places us in great standing with Cal Fire and the community!”

In this instance, Suburban Propane’s community outreach has been strictly “behind-the-scenes,” but we’re proud to be even a small part of a vital response to this life- and property-threatening situation.