When headquarters Facilities Manager Al P. received a request from the Morris County (NJ) Hazmat Team — asking for assistance with a training exercise on safely responding to a propane emergency — he knew just who to turn to. He asked Area Tech Tom S. and Meter Pump Technician Gary H. to see what the team needed, and they took it from there. They planned out a half-day agenda that would expose the Hazmat responders to everything they could want to know about propane, its properties and management.

Commenting on the exercise afterwards, Gary said: “It was a warm day, and after visiting several parts of the plant, and hearing us explain the safety features of our storage and loading facilities, we could have expected the group to start losing interest. We were pleasantly surprised, though, to see them just as involved and eager to learn at the end of the exercise as they were at the beginning. They asked a lot of questions.”


The team was apparently impressed with the answers they received. In a letter mailed to Suburban Propane from James D., Hazmat Team Supervisor, he wrote: “This information will greatly aid the (Hazmat Team) in its future response to propane emergencies, ensuring the safety of Morris County residents and businesses.” James praised Al, Gary and Tom for their assistance and instruction, adding: “each have a tremendous wealth of knowledge. We appreciated the sharing of their past emergency experiences, so that we may more safely handle our own propane emergencies.”