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The Importance of a Propane-powered Generator

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Suburban Propane customers and employees alike are familiar with the many types of natural disasters that can potentially leave homeowners in the dark, including hurricanes/tropical storms, flooding, severe convective storms, earthquakes, winter storms, and extreme temperatures.

Should the power go out for any of these reasons, homeowners with propane-powered generators can rest easy knowing their home systems will be up and running without worry. A propane-powered generator is a cost-effective way to keep all appliances running, including essential sump pumps and the heating/cooling systems until power in your area is restored. If your home relies on well water and are without electricity, you will soon lose access to freshwater for drinking, bathing, and heating without the added security of a generator.

Additionally, with so many attending school and working from home, a propane-powered generator allows you to charge all devices, keep the WIFI up and running, and log on for that 9 am class or team meeting.

As a cleaning burning fuel, propane produces fewer emissions, and propane-powered generators are better for the atmosphere than traditional gas-powered generators. Unfortunately, power outages are common and unpredictable, and can last minutes to weeks. Be prepared, plan ahead, and have a propane-powered generator on hand.

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