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How Propane Powers Disaster Recovery Efforts

In the wake of a natural disaster, communities may be harshly impacted by power outages, infrastructure damage, and supply chain disruptions. Events that cause a loss of heat or power can cause alarm in safety, livelihood, and well-being, particularly when people feel unprepared. In such situations, being able to access a reliable energy source is essential for individuals and organizations alike. For those in need of an emergency power source or agencies who aid in disaster relief efforts, propane stands out as an excellent versatile energy source.

Disaster recovery involves a coordinated effort to restore essential services within communities following a catastrophe. Preparedness is pivotal, as it enables quicker response and more effective recovery. Suburban Propane plays a fundamental role by ensuring a steady and accessible propane supply that enables emergency power generation, essential for hospitals, shelters, and households, all while expediting recovery and rebuilding processes. The American Red Cross is no stranger to disaster recovery, and Suburban Propane is honored to provide aid and support to its relief efforts nationwide through our corporate partnership.

Here are five notable ways in which propane empowers disaster recovery initiatives:

  1. Portable and Versatile: Propane can be stored and transported easily, making it an ideal solution for areas where infrastructure damage limits access to traditional energy sources. It’s used to power generators for emergency electricity, heaters for warmth, appliances that allow individuals to have access to hot water, and stoves for cooking, providing a multifaceted solution for basic needs.
  2. Reliable: From power outages to blackouts, systems powered by propane remain operational, providing a steady and reliable energy source, unlike electricity which is often hampered. With propane, individuals can enjoy consistent heat and continue using their appliances with reduced disruptions. Plus, unlike gasoline or diesel, propane does not degrade over time, ensuring reliability in times of dire need.
  3. Wide Availability: Propane is widely available across the United States, and Suburban Propane has locations and authorized resale partners nationwide. This accessibility ensures that disaster-affected areas – including remote locations, may source propane relatively easily. Additionally, this enables Suburban Propane to support recovery efforts.
  4. Heating and Cooking: During emergencies, propane is a perfect energy source to deliver consistent heat and hot water, and power stoves for cooking. Shelters provide vital temporary housing to displaced people and families, and it’s imperative to have a dependable energy source. Shelters may continue to protect, feed, and provide critical assistance to those in need, making it essential for comfort and survival during recovery.
  5. Proven Track Record: Propane has a long history of use in disaster recovery efforts, including providing power for hospitals or emergency shelters, and the ability to provide heat, hot water, and warm meals to those affected, and the responders actively conducting recovery work. This highlights the reliability and effectiveness of propane in emergencies. Here’s how Suburban Propane has been able to assist:

Propane delivers a combination of versatility, reliability, and availability, that make it an ideal energy source for disaster recovery efforts. Having access to a dependable and easily accessible energy source becomes crucial for both individuals and organizations. Whether for personal emergency power needs or organizations involved in disaster relief operations, propane emerges as a highly versatile and reliable energy option, critical in enhancing our resilience and preparedness for future crises.

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