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New York Techs Go “Off-Road”

snowy forest

It was only a three-mile drive to the local market for Johnsburg, NY resident Theresa R., and the contractors working at her house assured her that the roads had been plowed on that February morning, so she decided to pick up a few fresh provisions. “So long as I drive slowly, I should be okay,” she thought to herself.

Unfortunately, a wet snow that was still falling was turning to ice in some places, including a downgrade curve that Theresa had to negotiate. “I picked up a little speed,” she writes,” just as I noticed a Suburban Propane truck approaching in the left lane. I braked to slow and immediately lost traction. My vehicle slid in this down curve and to the right — I went off the road crashing into a deep snow bank. When the snow cleared my windshield I could see how I barely missed hitting a utility pole by six inches. My vehicle was packed in. I was not hurt, but I was terribly shaken.”

Theresa looked out and could see the Suburban Propane truck — its emergency lights flashing — pulling over. Immediately two men jumped out and started rushing towards her. Theresa could only open her window and assured the men (Justin and Bob of Suburban Propane in Greenwich,NY) that she was not injured. “They saw how shaken I was,” she adds,” and calmly talked to me about what needed to be done.”

Because they couldn’t get Theresa out of her car, and were in a cell phone “dead zone,” one of the men walked to a nearby home to call for help. Returning, they told her a police officer was on the way, and a tow truck would be following shortly.” I could not thank them enough,” Theresa writes.” They stayed with me a bit longer — made certain that I was truly okay and that I had heat.”

A state trooper arrived in 15 minutes, and when the towing service pulled up it was only another ten minutes until Theresa’s vehicle was back on the road. In her letter to Manager Doug she adds: “Our deeds determine us and say so much about who we are. Justin and Bob are outstanding people. You should know the level of care and concern they displayed and how well they represent Suburban Propane. Please let them know how very grateful and truly appreciative I am.”

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