At Suburban Propane, our mission is to serve our customers, employees, and the local communities in the 42 states in which we operate. In keeping with this tradition, we recognize the hard work of our corporate partner, the American Red Cross. Since 1943, every U.S. president has proclaimed the upcoming month of March as Red Cross Month. At Suburban Propane, we think every month is Red Cross Month and are proud of our sponsorship with this great American philanthropic organization.

As one of the most influential non-profit organizations on the planet, the American Red Cross has been on the front lines of many of the most significant humanitarian efforts in history. With a focus on blood and plasma donations in communities across the nation, as well as partnering on important preventative initiatives such as Sound the Alarm, which provides fire detectors and prevention education to at-risk communities, our ongoing national partnership with the American Red Cross falls under our SuburbanCares pillar, which highlights our philanthropic and community outreach efforts.

We continue to provide support and make a difference where it is needed most: aiding with blood donation, supporting safety events in underserved communities, and providing propane and resources in the wake of natural disasters.

As we continue this strong partnership through 2023 and beyond, Suburban Propane will continue to be represented on regional councils, and work alongside the American Red Cross Board Members, employees, and volunteers across the United States in making a positive difference in people’s lives.