It is with great sorrow that Suburban Propane Partners, L.P. announces the passing of our long-time Board member and dear friend, John Hoyt Stookey, on January 31, 2021.  John served the Board, the Partnership and its unitholders for more than 25 years; including as our original Chairperson from our initial public offering in October 1996 until transitioning his leadership role in January 2007.  He remained an active member of the Board until his passing.  John always brought a unique, thought-provoking perspective to the boardroom, and his sense of humor and respect for all opinions fostered an atmosphere of great comradery, insightful discussion and innovative thinking.  He had a particular passion for the human capital implications of key business decisions, with safety, diversity, fairness and personal and professional development top of mind.  John will be greatly missed. “I know that I speak for the members of our Board and the management at Suburban Propane when I say that John was a real mentor to all of us,” said Michael Stivala, President and Chief Executive Officer. “He was a true leader that had a unique combination of a tremendous intellect, a desire to serve, a passion for people, an ability to influence and all with a humble nature.” In addition to his vast and successful professional career with leadership roles in several businesses, including as our Chairperson, John had a real passion for his philanthropic endeavors and a love of the outdoors.  At the heart of virtually every non-profit organization founded by Mr. Stookey was his desire to create educational opportunities for youth and, in particular, underserved communities. Thank you, John!