Our Eugene, OR Customer Service Center quickly responded to a request to provide propane to fuel mobile kitchens and showers for Ridgeline Wildland Support Services. This organization is currently supplying these units for the Holiday Farm Fire crews and emergency responders in the Eugene area. The mobile kitchens and showers are part of the base camp that was set up by the local Fire authorities, Oregon State Patrol, and the Oregon Department of Forestry. There are over 1,000 firefighters and support personnel fighting this wildfire. As one of the largest fires still burning in Oregon, it has destroyed over 170,000 acres, approximately 430 residences and numerous other out buildings and structures. Our Eugene OR location has over 50 customers that have been directly impacted by this fire – many have lost their homes and all of their personal belongings. “We are proud to be able to provide the propane for the mobile kitchens and the mobile showers to feed and help care for these dedicated individuals working to protect what they can,” said Tim Lind, Customer Service Center Manager for Eugene, OR. “As a former firefighter, I know how much a hot meal and a hot shower mean to you when you’ve been out there working on the front lines, sleeping on the ground for days on end. It is a small piece of normalcy in the midst of your fight against a devastating enemy. We were honored to be able to provide our services to the men and women that are working the front lines of the fire to protect our communities and save what they can of the forests of the Pacific Northwest.”