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Celebrating 95 Years of Customer Satisfaction

For nearly a century, Suburban Propane has been serving customers nationwide. Rooted in a humble start, the Company’s history is a story of how a solution to one woman’s cooking problems grew into a multi-million-dollar business. Today Suburban Propane celebrates its 95th anniversary.

Founded in 1928, Suburban Propane’s modest start began when founder Mark Anton and his wife moved from Newark, NJ to nearby West Orange, NJ to build a home. Mrs. Anton was surprised to find there was no gas line infrastructure at their new property, and having learned to cook with gas, she found the idea of using a kerosene or electric range unappetizing.

Mr. Anton was skimming through trade magazines when an advertisement caught his attention. A company called Rock Gas sold propane and the necessary equipment for home installation. As the story goes, Mark Anton placed an order, making his wife Suburban Propane’s first happy customer.

Under the basic principle, “If there’s a need, figure out a way to fill it” – founder Mark Anton recognized that other people relocating to the emerging suburbs might also appreciate such convenience. He placed more orders and proceeded to install multiple systems in the neighborhood, which marked the inception of the Suburban Gas Company.

The Company’s journey of expansion had outgrown the suburbs of New Jersey and began extending from the Eastern coast of Maine down to Florida. Demand and development moved westward, and the Company reached from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Suburban Propane steadily expanded through customer demands and various acquisitions, growing vertically and horizontally. In 1996, Suburban Propane became a publicly traded Master Limited Partnership (NYSE:SPH) and under the same principle doctrine, continues to flourish.

Today, Suburban Propane has more than 700 locations in 42 states, meeting the energy needs of over one million residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers.

Suburban Propane continues to see and fill the needs of its customers and the industry. During the past few decades, Suburban Propane has aligned with the global demands and initiatives for a cleaner, greener future. Expanding upon its well-established legacy, Suburban Propane’s subsidiaries GoGreen, Suburban Renewables, and Suburban RNG, pioneer the Company’s ongoing efforts aimed at long-term strategic expansion and diversification, helping us discover fresh opportunities for investment, strategic alliances, and cooperation in the renewable energy sector.

Suburban Propane and its subsidiaries are firmly devoted to informing consumers, policymakers, and other crucial stakeholders about the advantages of propane, channeling investments toward developing and advancing propane as a safe, clean, green energy solution for future generations.

Suburban Propane is an honored industry leader with a rich tradition of community involvement across our national footprint. Through its philanthropic pillar, SuburbanCares® gives back to the communities through numerous local community sponsorships and gatherings. Suburban propane’s dedication is exemplified by our longtime national corporate partnership with the American Red Cross, offering support for critical initiatives: supporting safety events in underserved communities, hosting blood drives, and providing propane and other essential resources following natural disasters.

Suburban Propane’s remarkable journey, spanning nearly a century, is a testament to its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers and the energy industry as a whole. What began as a humble solution to a simple cooking problem for one family has grown into a thriving multi-million-dollar enterprise that serves over one million customers across 42 states.  Suburban Propane looks forward to a future filled with continued growth, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to our customers and the environment.

To view Suburban Propane’s 95th Anniversary Timeline click here.

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