Michael Stivala, President & CEO

“Reducing the carbon footprint, particularly in the energy sector, is an important factor in the global effort to improve air quality and favorably impact climate change. Propane has proven to be a positive contributor to the goal of lowering the carbon intensity given its versatile, clean burning qualities, and is a necessary part of the transition to a lower carbon economy. With advancements in new technologies for the production of propane from renewable sources, propane is on a pathway to carbon neutrality. Through our Go Green with Suburban Propane initiatives, we are committed to educating consumers, legislators and other key stakeholders on the benefits of propane for a sustainable energy future, and also investing in the next generation of an even cleaner version of this great American energy source.”

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Propane: A Bridge to a Greener Future.

Suburban Propane is committed to supporting the growth and innovation of propane as a sustainable energy source.

Did You Know?*

  • Propane meets the standards set by the federal Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) for reducing acid rain and controlling air pollution in urban areas. In fact, CAAA heralds propane as one of the solutions leading to a cleaner, healthier environment

  • Because propane vaporizes rapidly, it won’t contaminate soil or groundwater

  • Propane emits 60-70% fewer smog producing hydrocarbons than gasoline

Green Energy Innovation

Propane: The Clean Fuel