Commercial Landscape Mowers Benefits2017-08-18T18:47:23-04:00

Enjoy the benefits of mowing with propane

Reduce your operating costs with propane-fueled mowers

Landscapers across the country are benefiting from the competitive advantages of propane-fueled mowers. Propane mowers offer:

  • Lower Operating Expenses: Propane mowers cost about 30% less per hour to operate than gasoline-powered mowers. In addition, businesses using propane-powered mowers have reported lower maintenance costs and downtime compared to gasoline-powered mowers.
  • Easy On-Site Refueling: Propane increases productivity of your crew by eliminating off-site trips for fill-ups. Using cylinders also eliminates the chance of costly spills.
  • Fewer Carbon Emissions: Studies have shown that compared to gasoline-powered mowers, propane powered commercial mowers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50 percent and carbon monoxide emissions by 80 percent! Because of its emissions advantages, a propane-powered mower can operate in most areas during Ozone Action Days or Air Quality Nonattainment Days.
  • Reliable Equipment: Propane powered mowers are now available from many top brand companies. Check with your Suburban Propane representative for more information on the specific equipment for your needs. In many cases, your existing equipment can also be converted to operate on propane!
  • Fuel Supply: Propane is also domestically produced which helps reduce our dependency on foreign fuels.