Energy-efficient appliances and high-performance homes are in top demand according to recent survey.

Saving money is always a priority, whether in your current home or one you’ve got your eye on purchasing. But research shows homeowners and homebuyers also prioritize energy efficiency in their homes and are even willing to pay more to achieve those goals.

The recent Harris Poll of 2,200 U.S. residents found a large majority are clamoring for energy-efficient appliances and high-performance homes. Energy-efficient homes are better for the environment and cost-effective for the homeowner in the long run. That’s a win-win.

Clean-burning propane can power nearly all of a home’s major systems and appliances, and many of them actually perform better with propane. When it comes to overall performance and energy efficiency, propane simply outperforms other energy sources — hands down.

Read more details from the survey and about this growing trend among homebuyers and remodelers.

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council