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Wayne Fellabaum
22:23 04 Aug 23
"Suburban Propane did a great job following up with my request for a delivery. They have price their fuel competively."
James Fong
00:07 13 Jul 23
"I had excellent service at the Idyllwild office and Lance,one of the service technicians. They went over and above my expectations with how they took care of my concerns.They explained everything and I couldn't be more satisfied!"
Shawn Harrity-Phillips
15:56 31 Jan 23
"Suburban has been my propane provider for years. They are very reliable, responsive and honest in my experience with them."
Kimberly Oltman
16:56 18 Jan 23
"Suburban Propane is a good, well run company. When they noticed our propane was very low they called to ask if I wanted a fill. I appreciate their diligence."
Lily Cuevas
01:47 17 Jan 23
"I would like to deeply thank Leslie Hernandez. I used up all the propane and she did an amazing job explain why. Plus she sent a delivery since we had no fuel. Thank You both Leslie and the drive. For your immediate attention and rapid service and support."
Michael Bubel
17:03 21 Dec 22
"Moving up to the mountains after growing up in a city came with some new experiences for us. Thankfully our local Suburbon, and specifically David, have been absolutely wonderful."
Robert Goss
16:47 05 Dec 22
"We ran out of propane because of a winter increase. I called and received excellent service. Everybody listened and were very professional. Jason was the final person that I spoke with and was also the driver. I met him this morning and his customer service was excellent!! Happy to have propane again!!"
Debbie and Ron Richardson
17:13 02 Feb 22
"Long time user of Suburban Propane and we just want to say how much we LOVE Kris !!! Always a pleasure to to have him arrive at our business. Kris is from the Vista location, keep up the great work Kris and Suburban Propane"
Andrew Weidemann
16:33 03 Nov 21
"They go above and beyond at suburban propane in Idyllwild! Shout out to the field tech, David, he is very knowledgeable and takes pride in his work. I know I’m in good hands with this group of hard workers."
Don Ludwig
17:56 13 Aug 21
"Very happy with your team member who turned my stock gas dryer into a propane acceptable one. He was on time, careful with the final install and very pleasant to work with."
Ken Eiseler
17:05 24 Feb 21
"I asked Suburban to relocate my tank. They scheduled the move in a few days and did a great job, much improved from the old location. The installer Will and customer service agent Leslie are fantastic and much appreciated."
Debi Parker
21:30 05 Jan 21
"We’ve been with Suburban for many years and their service is great! We just ran out of propane due to having extra house guests over the holidays and the cold spell - I called and Chris was here within half an hour to fill the tank! He also restarted our water heater (difficult to get to). Chris is always pleasant , polite and professional whenever he delivers our propane. Thanks for terrific service over the years!"
Janella Godoy
17:21 07 Oct 20
"David and Jackey provided excellent customer service! Much appreciated!"
Magaly Drant
03:05 13 Mar 20
"I am a new customer and I just got wowed this morning by Kris’ dedication: my tank is at the bottom of a dirt driveway and other companies did not even want to bother with signing me a contract. Suburban signed me up anyway and attempted delivery yesterday but couldn’t because of the wet conditions, then this morning at 6am Kris came, drove that truck on a still very wet path and successfully filled the tank. It was such a nice surprise when I found the delivery note on the door knob as I was expecting I couldn’t get gas for another week or two."
Abraham Gonzalez
23:47 10 Mar 20
"SP has improved. They have really try to step up to provide a better service. One thing to point is the great communication me and Leslie in the Vista office has developed. (I hope I have her name right) she’s so amazing, patient, understanding, and helpful. Each time I call I rather to wait until she answers my call. Other customer service in other locations have not changed ( no names or locations to mention so things don’t get worse again.)I will keep my connection with Leslie and I’m keeping my fingers crossed she’s there to stay for many , many years so I don’t have to change to other propane company.Thanks guys!"
Steve Ybarra
18:07 04 Feb 20
"Can't complain with Suburban Propane.Best of the best... Leslie is top notch, kind,friendly, knowledgeable."
17:19 04 Feb 20
"they are so friendly and thank you to Lesslie for her customer service she is awesome"
Michael Cook
18:19 29 Jan 20
"I have nothing but great service from Suburban Propane. I have been with them since I bought my first Cabin in Idyllwild in 1999. and have since sold and purchased a new cabin and kept my account to this day. They are always on top of keeping my tank full and it is so nice not to have to worry about it."
Toni Scull
23:54 13 Dec 19
"Suburban Propane does an excellent job. Always on time. Kris is by far the best driver and customer service rep for them ever. He always makes sure we have a full tank. Thanks for the great service."
Tianna Curatalo
19:40 04 Dec 19
"Lessli is amazing making sure we got the best deal possible and super accommodating to us propane newbies. We’ve had two fills since purchasing our new home and everything has been smooth with Suburban Propane. Highly recommend!"
Michael O'Neil
21:45 03 Dec 19
"Thank you Leslie For providing great customer service."
Mike Miller
00:12 14 Aug 19
"Just want to take the time and thank Lesli and Kris for a great customer service taking the time to make my transition to my new home easier. Thanks for getting me the best deal I could get."
Vincent R
04:26 02 Jul 18
"Pat has always been polite."
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