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Zachary Reynolds
02:38 08 Mar 23
"Have been a completely satisfied customer since 2019. We are the farthest in their district all the way up in Broadalbin NY and we have never experienced one problem."
Ken Clark
15:58 22 Dec 22
"The people we deal with (Rebecca in the office/Eric the field rep who came to this house) have been excellent. They are professional, polite & answered all our questions. A great experience. Would recommend Suburban to anybody if this is the kind of people they hire."
Jc Continuer
16:12 08 Dec 22
"Called them up and they were very good in answering questions and giving advice. Kristen was very helpful and gave me some tips on upcoming offers, which is something I was pleasantly surprised by."
Me Here
20:11 22 Nov 22
"Just had my tanks filled, and went and talked to the driver about a problem I had during a power outage over the weekend. Scott directed me to call the local office. I did and spoke to Rebecca at the office, another super employee. These two went above and beyond to answer questions and SOLVE my problems and questions I had. Both of these people are folks any employer should be grateful to have on staff.Tony,queensbury, NY"
Brian Agrell
20:48 11 Nov 22
"I've had suburban propane for over 10 years know and they havealways given me great service."
Lynne Moore
04:23 22 Aug 22
"Recently I switched over to Suburban Propane. The office staff is friendly, professional & helpful. I found them to be patient with all my questions. The installation gentleman was terrific. He was professional and a pleasure to have for the 2 tank installations. He was knowledgeable & ensured I can read the gauge. Initially, I'm very pleased with the customer service I have received Suburban Propane.Here's hoping my 1st winter with Suburban Propane goes smoothly."
David Zack
13:01 06 Apr 22
"Suburban Propane is a great company to deal with, Easy to contact. They go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. Everyone I have dealt with is friendly and professional. A+"
Michael DiZoglio
22:18 08 Mar 22
"Excellent and prompt professional service."
Heli Bassham
22:49 22 Jan 22
"great service every time love suburban propane always can count on a super good job every time we need you Thank you Heli Bassham"
19:17 19 Nov 21
"From delivery to service - very efficient and extremely helpful. They take the time out to explain services and answer all the questions you can possibly ask. Being new to home heating oil, it's been one heck of a journey, made so much easier thanks to the awesome team @ Suburban."
Rosemarie Amendolia
16:43 16 Nov 21
"“Josie”, the Suburban Propane Rep who called me today re payment method, we wish to commend, for her patience and explanation of cost. We also wish to commend Claire, her supervisor, for her speaking with us clearly about cost and history."
Gregory White
13:19 24 Oct 21
"Very helpful and did everything they could to provide great service"
Peter VanAvery
19:57 27 Sep 21
"After I decided to switch to your propane service, I must confess that I was a bit uneasy. My propane tank is difficult to reach from my driveway. First, there’s an 8-foot vertical drop to the grass in my backyard. Then there’s a steep little slope down to the tank.A couple of years ago, after your competitor’s tank had developed an unsightly case of rust, I requested that it be replaced. Your competitor’s driver took the easy way out and drove his truck (which had seen better days) down my neighbor’s steep driveway to get close to the tank. When he activated the hoist, its gasket failed and oil poured onto my neighbor’s gravel driveway. Let me point out that, two years earlier, my neighbor had replaced his house with a new and beautiful structure.I was standing nearby when this happened. You can imagine how I felt. Then, after vainly trying to mop up some of the spill, the driver drove his truck back up the driveway, spurting out more oil and spinning his wheels, scattering gravel down to the dirt. Although your competitor’s insurance company paid for repairs, this accident strained our relationship with our neighbor.So when your truck drove down my driveway to swap out the tank, the first thing I noted was that it was new and shiny, Then I met Bill, your personable technician, who made the difficult project look easy. He lowered the new tank onto the lawn, manually trundled the tank down the hill, and quickly hooked it up. Without my asking, he attached a cable to the unsightly old tank and hoisted it up to my driveway.Bill is an asset to your company: extremely competent, hard-working, thoughtful, friendly — in other words, a real professional."
Sal Ricciardone
12:10 18 Aug 21
"I called Suburban because of the large bill I received for a relatively small amount of propane added to my tank.The rep Lori was very friendly and concerned that the rate was too high.After consulting with her boss, she called me back the same morning and told me that they were going to reduce the rate because of my long standing account and usage situation."
terry carmel
00:57 07 Aug 21
"Service Tech Bill Mitchell was very friendly informative and did a great job placing and hooking up my new tank !!"
William Taft
20:47 03 Aug 21
"Prompt, fairly priced, service, and replacement part received and installed by a serious professional. Much appreciated!"
Nick Calabria
19:06 14 Jul 21
"Extremely friendly and helpful right from the first call to their office. Everything was explained thoroughly to me and any fees. The servicemen were top-notch. A potentially hazardous situation with a kinked line under the house was immediately pointed out and corrected. I would definitely recommend them. They alerted me when they were to arrive and arrived as expected. No complaints here."
Peter Weinberg
03:01 19 Mar 21
"Very gracious, accommodating, professional and personal service. The people I dealt with are "keepers.""
John Swift
19:03 23 Dec 20
"Great customer service. Delivery came sooner than expected which was perfect with the weather. We are very happy with Suburban Propane."
T Bronk
15:52 17 Nov 20
"I highly recommend. I contacted Suburban Propane on Friday, Nov/6/20 for new service to supply gas for pool heater and Tuesday,10th I was up and running! Customer service along with install team very courteous and profesional.I origanally tried using Amerigas for my propane service with nothing but a run around with long waits on hold, broken appointments."
Conni Tucker
18:38 11 Nov 20
"Excellent, quick service. Great customer service and rates are excellent"
Wendy Hord
18:02 30 Oct 20
"The service person who came out to address our gas fireplace was great - figured out the problem and fixed it. He was masked, courteous, knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions. Thank you National Grid employees!"
19:37 16 Feb 20
"We were pleased that in light of the storm and many outages both power and propane in our area that you responded to our house within a few hours. We were in Florida trying to deal with dropping temps in a house in NY, not knowing if we had run out of fuel or lost power compounded by a generator failure. When it turned out to be the latter as we had sufficient propane we were charged approximately $200 for the service call which seemed excessive. However, Because some extra fee was probably appropriate, maybe half that much, I only reduced the rating by 1 star. The fast response and diagnosis was appreciated."
Richard Paine
21:12 19 Dec 19
"Great staff in the Chestertown, NY office. They have been able to address my concerns with one phone call. The bulk purchase option lets me budget for my annual propane costs, which in the North County, can be quite high. All in all, from delivery to customer service, this office is great."
Carol Shenise
20:49 11 Dec 19
"Suburban Propane lives up to their motto of customer satisfaction. They were responsive to a crisis we had; found and corrected the problem. They were sensitive to many phone questions in a respective manner. Thank you and keep up the good work."
Bernadine Hoffman
17:24 03 Dec 19
"Suburban Propane is an excellent and reliable business. They offer advance payment plans in order to obtain better pricing. Deliveries are always scheduled to be on time too."
Susan Pruiksma
16:56 03 Dec 19
"They have very fair pricing, great customer service, helpful and courteous delivery folks! They came when they said they would and did a great job!"
Tom Scott
11:48 30 Nov 19
"They never let your tanks run out of propane. They have reasonable prices. I do pre-buy and it's the greatest thing."
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