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Drew Douglas
21:58 05 May 23
"I was helped and advised earlier this week by Phil James of your Sarasota office. He was very helpful and technically proficient with his observations and advice. He deserves a 5-star review and my recommendation as a current Suburban Propane customer.."
Matt Marrocco
10:29 26 Apr 23
"Office hasn’t been the best to deal with but the guys in the field are great to deal with!"
Micki Smith
13:45 23 Jan 23
"This was over and above normal customer service! I have a new home and was looking forward to getting in my pool in January. Phil James made it possible! Safety was his first concern and Phil went over every detail with me. I’ve recently had major back surgery and my pool was going to be part of my therapy. Thanks to Phil I spent almost 4 hrs in it yesterday, I’ve already called Phil with a couple questions and he’s been great. Thankyou for your great service Phil! Sincerely, Micki Smith Venice FL"
tom johnson
10:46 19 Oct 22
"Suburban Propane has always been excellent and that is just how I thought they operated. However recently during Hurricane IAN I had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing people that work for your company. It all started with Ray a supervisor from a different location (sarasota I believe). the operator gave me Ray's personal mobile because my situation was so dire. Ray not only took my call - he put an order in to expedite a temp tank to be installed so I could get my generator up and running. You see my house was not only destroyed on my lower level I now had neighbors staying in my upper levels because they had no where to go. I need the home generator to operate for basic operation. Next Ralph the incredible tech came- Ralph (originally from NJ now living and working in clearwater) Ralph was helping the hard hit areas adding support for the people in need. Ralph was a rock star- he trouble shot my situation and knew I needed two temp tanks to get up and operating. He made it happen with a smile and a positive attitude during a moment when I need a light to shine. Ray and Ralph were my light that shined on Pine Island. Then came Brian the gas guy- he delivered the needed gas - twice in a week- through all of the rubble on the island. You guys are my heroes. Thank you for all that you do and did. Tom Johnson customer for LIFE"
Mark Toedman
14:30 06 Oct 22
"Suburban Propane delivered fuel when no one else could. They were there when we needed them the most. Thank you Your generator is no good unless you have fuel. They saved us from loosing power."
Karen Teel
19:27 02 Oct 22
"Had a terrible experience with them but evidently caused by out of state answering service. Manager got in touch with me promptly, was very nice, apologetic, and took care of the issues."
Bruce & Kerry Israel
19:07 19 Aug 22
"Let me compliment Phillip James he completed a LP gas conversion on my new LG dryer. He called and came before his scheduled time , explained the process ,showed me his work and did a complete safety check around the entire house of all my other propane appliances. He was knowledgeable, respectful and I was very pleased with his service."
Orin Oberlander
21:36 22 Jul 22
"Hi, We thought we detected a gas leak near our dryer. Suburban Propane sent a technician, Joseph Long, to look for a leak. Joseph came the same day I called to report the problem. He found a small leak at a fitting behind the dryer and quickly repaired the leak with a sealing gel inside the fitting. He also checked all our other gas fired appliances to ensure no other leaks. He was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We very much appreciate the excellent service with Suburban Propane. Thank you."
Chip Kent
16:41 31 May 22
"Service Technician Phil completed a LP gas conversion on my new clothes dryer. He was right on time as scheduled, explained the process and did a complete safety check around the entire house when done. Very pleased with the service!"
Kathy Transue
17:15 27 Apr 22
"Beginning with the person who answered the initial phone call, I found suburban propane company to be an excellent service company. The technician, Phil James, came today and listened to my concerns. He was efficient, polite, and very competent. He was successful in fixing the problem and very patient in explaining what the issue was. Should I need a tech again, I hope Phil remains as my “go to” person."
Mary Jo Violett, PA
15:42 14 Apr 22
"Great customer service, from the person who answered the phone and expedited my service call (Margaret) to the field tech (Phillip James) who did the was a great experience. Philip spent several hours troubleshooting connections that hadn't worked in years. I really appreciated his diligence in fixing what could be fixed."
Mary Holmes
15:17 13 Apr 22
"I’ve been a customer for years and I’m so glad that you have such an amazing employee like Roberto, he’s been coming out to my home in Venice and I’ll only ask for him! I highly recommend him.. he does amazing work!"
Thomas McKeon
16:09 08 Apr 22
"Phillip was here and did an outstanding job capping off an old propane tank so that we can safely use our new 120 gallon above ground tank. His expertise allowed him to do the job quickly and efficiently. His personality also made working with him a pleasure. Anyone would be happy to have as a Suburban representative."
Darrick Paul
23:40 06 Apr 22
"I would like to compliment Phillip James, the technical, who responded to a report of a gas smell. Phillip was extremely professional and took pride in his craft. He took time to explain to both my wife and me the steps he was taking as well as what a successful test result would be. It is extremely rare in today's environment to find a consummate professional. Therefore, I am grateful Phillip was the tech dispatched to remedy our situation. Suburban Propane should be proud to have Phillip as a value added, customer centric employee."
James Cargo
19:31 24 Mar 22
"I bought a house in Nokomis and the previous owners had passed away in their high 90s. I had no ppwk or documentation on the propane tank in the yard. The tank was dangerously close to running out and i reached out to many companies to inquire. Not only did Suburban call me back (only one that did) i determined through them that the tank belonged to them from the previous owners and were getting ready to cut it off. Margaret was EXTREMELY helpful and got me squared away. Originally the appointment to inspect would have been a week out however yesterday the tank ran out. Margaret worked it out and i have someone coming tomorrow. Thank you Suburban Propane for being there in a clinch. Margaret (you deserve a raise). Thank you Thank you Thank you (hot showers are incoming)."
Dylan L
00:49 28 Feb 22
"Roberto Rodriguez is the best most attentive Delivery person for Suburban. 5 stars."
Martha Wright
22:08 05 Jan 22
"Suburban Propane has stepped up on the right foot as a new customer. Cleaned my tank access and very friendly service!"
Stephen Twohig
19:30 09 Dec 21
"I have been a Suburban customer for years. They offer professional and friendly service at a very fair price.From the team in the office to our delivery man Roberto (“Berto”) they one and all do a fabulous job.I feel I’m in the best of hands with Suburban PropaneStephenTwohig Osprey Florida"
Julie Burdette
14:43 07 Oct 21
"I've been dealing with my brother's estate after his passing and communicating with all the utilities and bills for his house has understandably been a daunting task. I do have to say that Suburban Propane was the ONLY one that made the process seamless. No hurdles for me to jump over - just straightforward help. This did NOT happen with other companies. Thank you Suburban Propane from the bottom of my heart in helping something very difficult for me a little easier."
michael kleintop
14:08 19 Aug 21
"I just got off the phone with Dori and I must say she is the most helpful person in that office. She listened to my problem and proposed an amicable solution. This experience was the polar opposite of the call I made about the same problem two months ago and spoke to Margaret. Margaret is the most unhelpful person in that office. When I asked to speak to a manager, she connected me to a voice mailbox for that person and I have yet to receive a return call from that person. I don't even know if that voicemail box was even real."
Tami L
12:18 09 Jul 21
"Denise is amazing! She has the best customer service!! I am new to propane and she has taken a ton of time explaining everything to me in detail. She is knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you Denise!"
David Gryboski
14:33 19 May 21
"Randy, the delivery technician, is exceptional. Not only did he do everything on time and in a timely manner, he even brought me my newspaper! I give Suburban, and RANDY, 5-Stars! - David (Holmes Beach)"
Donna Kelly
14:40 01 Mar 21
"The best company in Sarasota! They converted my new gas stove to propane at a very reasonable price. Suburban also provides my propane. The technician, Gary, was on time and very knowledgeable with over 20 years of experience. Very happy with Suburban Propane. I’ve been a customer for 1 1/2 years."
Deb Watkins
21:00 04 Jan 21
"It was a little difficult to get going. But once my service got going everything went smoothly. The man that came and installed my tank was extremely pleasant. He also converted my brand new natural gas stove to a propane stove. He even helped me carry out the old stove. He was very very nice and had a great smile. Especially when times Have been a little rough,"
frank golab
14:16 22 Dec 20
Vincent Pelliccia
20:53 11 Nov 20
"Great folks.. Pleasure doing business with them."
Joe Lupino
20:15 28 Oct 20
"The most recent event was propane delivery. It was seamless! The service was smooth and the online bill payment method was easy. I am a very satisfied customer."
Joseph Zigulich
11:14 06 Oct 20
"Installed new tank with no problem. Installer was great. Tank filled the next day. Everything promised was delivered. 5-Star service. Margaret in customer service did a superior job."
John Foulkrod
16:56 12 Aug 20
"I was ready to leave Suburban Propane (at significant expense and headaches for me) until I had the pleasure of dealing with Dori K of the Sarasota office. She was the first person i have dealt with at Suburban who was helpful, engaging and concerned about me as the customer. Simply put Suburban could use a whole lot more customer services reps like her. She is 5-star all the way. In over 10 years as a Suburban custmer she is head and shoulders above all the rest."
Keith Butts
21:00 31 Jul 20
"Since day one with Russell coming out to check the tank and heater and then Andrew recently helping me big time with a warranty issue, Suburban Propane of Sarasota has been very good to work with. KUDOS"
Kirk Garrett
16:24 28 May 20
"Service folks have been great, we are out of town most of the time so them monitoring our gas level is important. I also talked to the service folks on line and she was great too."
Dan koenig
15:07 28 May 20
"What a pleasant experience today ! I read some of the reviews and must say that Dori is a breath of fresh air.She is knowledgeable and pleasant and has excellent customer serviceskills. Thank you Dori ! You saved a customer."
Pat Krohmer
18:09 22 Apr 20
"I just closed on a home. Previous owners have been using Suburban Propane for 26 years. So when I contacted them, I got Dori. She has detailed all aspects of this propane gas which is a totally new and unfamiliar product and service for me. I know if I have any problems or questions, I can reach her by phone or email. I told her most Corporations today steer all Customers to online everything. The person at the company is my way of delivering and receiving true customer service. Dori is a patient, knowledgeable and outstanding customer service rep."
Cheryl Irvin
17:03 16 Mar 20
"Update - our installation is completed!! We are so happy with Suburban - Everyone we have dealt with from the installers to the people we speak with on the phone have been tremendous I highly recommend Suburban if you are contemplating installing propane and even changing companies Thanks so much to allWere were shopping for installing propane at our house. We contacted several companies - One never even called us back, one gave us an estimate and when we postpone moving forward, had to have them renew the estimate several months later - it was doubled. At that time I found Suburban and contacted them, talking to Dave Morgan - who was fantastic and worked with us - we had an estimate within hours and it was better than an others we had received. Everyone I have talked to at Suburban has been fantastic. Last week Burt installed the interior piping and was such a pleasure to work with - and when he was done, confirmed the appointment for the tank install Yesterday the crew installed the tank and the underground piping - they were efficient and professional. They explained what the next steps were and what to expect. They removed the sod as they dug the trench to lay the piping and replaced it afterward, and watered the area around to wash any remaining soil back into the trench - you can barely tell where they dug. I am so happy we went with Suburban and look forward to a lasting business relationship with them Can't wait to get my stove installed and get back to cooking with gas"
carla johnson
22:30 03 Mar 20
"Dori in customer service has been outstanding. During this past year I lost my husband to Cancer and she has been so considerate and kind in helping me deal with issues...Just recently she was able to secure a permit from the county so that we could remove the tank from the ground that was encroaching on an easement so that the Buyers could get clear title. Dori kept in touch with me and eased me through the process with her kind words and support. I hope Suburban appreciates her ...she's one in a million.Carla J. johnson"
Jim Altonen
22:12 26 Feb 20
"I was looking into buying my own tank so I called Suburban and asked what process was in place to have their tank removed. I have not had any major issues, but I wanted to be able to shop propane prices. Dori answered the phone and said she would help me with whatever I needed, but ultimately wanted to keep me as a customer. She gave me all the info and options and made it an easy decision to stay with Suburban! By the time I hung up, I felt like I was buying propane from "Dori" - not just an account number with a large company! She closed the call by making sure I had her name, extension and direct number. From now on I am buying from "Dori Propane"! Wow, she's good!"
Glen Mixon
01:18 16 Jan 20
"Good fast service. Good pricing"
Hali Bloom
23:04 27 Dec 19
"Peter and his team went out of their way over a holiday week to make sure our family had our propane tank installed and filled. We are very thankful to them for making our week extra special! Their concern for and consideration of their customers is 5 Star!!!"
16:21 21 Dec 19
"I can't over emphasize the level of customer service provided by our Suburban Propane rep who keeps our tank full year round. His customer service skills alone will forever keep us with Suburban Propane!"
Jerry Baker
21:54 12 Nov 19
"I’m very happy with Suburban Propane! Everyone I’ve dealt with is very helpful & friendly."
Susannah Chase Brady
22:21 31 Oct 19
"Bert was extremely helpful and informative! He followed through on everything and made our generator hook a smooth process! We would 100% recommend."
Roz H
14:17 17 Sep 19
"We would like to thank Andrew Gordon for his professional and knowledgeable assistance over the phone. We have called many times and with his expertise, our questions were answered to alleviate any concerns. He also follows up immediately in resolving any issues. Kudos for Suburban Propane in hiring Andrew Gordon! He needs a raise :)"
Inita Bedi
13:26 25 Jul 19
"Bert, our repair technician did a great job. He went above and beyond to help put our family. So wonderful to see such dedication to the customs in this day and age!!!"
loretta Saracino
15:15 24 Jul 19
"An error was made on bill. e-mailed. received instant response.Received corrected bill. Awaiting my rebate. But Service bothin office and on site is great."
M Young
14:32 14 Jun 19
"I called Suburban regarding an issue with no hot water. We checked the tank and we had 70% left so the problem appeared to be the tankless water heater. Bert arrived the very morning within 30 minutes of me calling! Great response time. When he arrived he checked the shower head for restricted water pressure that would hinder the water heaters output. He went above and beyond to explain the problem. Our tankless water heater is about 15 years old and we have been fortunate. Bert did not throw out a sales pitch or try to push a new unit. He took the time to explain the options, the rebates on a new unit so I was able to make an educated decision. Bert has come to our home with issues in the past and I can honestly say our family has been treated fairly and with genuine kindness."
David Cook
19:10 28 May 19
"Jeannine and Juan did a fantastic job getting my tank filled before the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Great service."
oh my gosh
16:42 30 Apr 19
"Always on time, always friendly service, and if i need them before my s heduled delivery all i have to do is call and they are there same day or next morning.Great customer service."
Richard Schuknecht
19:01 12 Mar 19
"Had Saburban install a new propane pool heater last year. Had a couple of control board issues that they responded to very quickly and efficiently...I give Bert 5 stars...he is a great technician..."
Dan Pietro
14:36 12 Dec 18
"BERT the Suburban Propane Serviceman did an great job in installing a new outlet for my new propane Generator. He also went above and beyond in getting my propane fireplace working, Just moved here and the fireplace would not work. Bert got it working in just a few minutes. I give Bert and Suburban Propane Five Stars for Service. Bert was very professional, helpful and friendly during his visit. Suburban Propane needs to give Bert a well Done for his performance."
Jim Gardner
19:10 30 Nov 18
"Looking at existing reviews not sure we’re talking the same company. Just buried a 500 gallon tank to power a pool heater and standby generator. From sales to permits to installation to inspections to startup our experience has been excellent and exactly as promised. Every single Suburban employee we’ve interacted with has been helpful and responsive. Installation staff didn’t mind me looking over their shoulder and explained in detail what they were doing and why. The turf repairs were surprisingly meticulous. No doubt the future is the future, but we’re very satisfied today and would not hesitate to recommend Suburban to others."
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