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Louis Jones
18:33 11 Jan 23
"The driver was courteous and knew what he was doing. The visit took about 10-15 minutes."
Elizabeth Alexander
01:44 29 Dec 22
"Every person I spoke to was patient and helpful. I received the help that I needed in an efficient and friendly manner. Thank you!"
Trish Silence
18:51 28 Dec 22
"Just moved into my house…Ran out of propane just before Christmas…freezing in my house..Called the company the previous homeowner used…told me they wouldn’t come out for a week! Called Suburban Propane they came right out:) they are awesome!,,"
Elizabeth Akins
18:59 11 Nov 22
"Great job. Wonderful people. They are so friendly."
Jerry Huber
18:26 04 Oct 22
"Very good service. Came out to deliver just as promised, and my question for customer service was answered timely. Very pleased."
Harold Duke
16:01 29 Sep 22
"Courtesy in the sale of Suburban services, on time delivery and knowledgeable service techs and friendly services from start to finish."
Cindi Kramer
23:42 27 Jul 22
"I am giving it a 3 star because the bill provided by the driver is less than what was logged on the site because if I paid before a due date I was given a discount. Not given that option online!!"
Gary Drews
21:29 08 Mar 22
"Great delivery. Driver showed concern to not mark my patio. Very courteous and friendly."
William and Cyndee Richey
15:01 07 Sep 21
"Great customer service. One incident with new truck driver in my yard but it was addressed the same day."
Cathy Bradford
14:27 07 Sep 21
"Great customer service and polite and professional delivery team! Definitely recommend!"
03:48 03 Jul 21
"first time with them great service great people in the office Thanks"
Edward Townsend
09:26 22 Mar 21
"Great service! I ran out of propane on Sunday and had my tank filled up the next day."
Joseph Wheeler
04:44 24 Dec 20
"Service is prompt and efficient"
Debby Brown
22:57 23 Feb 20
"Good service"
Randy Taylor
19:54 21 Jan 20
18:30 25 Nov 19
"Great fuel co"
Josh Hamburg
00:53 04 Jul 19
"Great service! Have been buying gas from them for years without any issues. Got a “better deal” from one of the big corporate gas company’s and regretted it almost immediately after the promo ran out and I couldn’t get a hold of anyone, so I swapped back to Drake Gas and am happy again. I used to stop by and chat when paying my bill, but they have online payments now which saves me time! Nice folks."
Mike Seawright
20:23 19 Nov 17
"Very friendly people and very clean.."
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