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Marylou Edman
16:38 03 Apr 23
"BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! My first time there. Brody help me with a minor problem I had with the tank for my grill. He and the office staff could not have been nicer. Professional. Efficient. I will no longer go to Lowe’s or anywhere else to get my tank replaced. I’ll just return to Suburban to have it refilled. Highly recommend !!!!!"
Namir Kassim
19:40 12 Nov 22
"Timely service to refill my propane tank. I never have to ask them, they come around and check it from time to time. They fill it without bothering me. Really can't ask for more."
mike wozny
18:42 19 Aug 22
"The truck was right on schedule and the filling was done very professionally. The person (driver) filling our propane tank was very careful in the yard when stretching the hose. I was able to talk with him and was very impressed with our interaction."
Carol Shelton
21:12 21 Jun 22
"Everyone without whom I have made contact with at Suburban Propane has been professional and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Suburban Propane to your tank and propane."
Patty Hall
21:11 13 Mar 22
"While the gas guy is always professional and respectful of our property … confused on the Sunday delivery. Thankfully we were home to put the dogs inside. Our account is supposed to have a note in it to call the day before delivery to make sure the dogs aren’t outside. But regardless the tank is full 😁"
Angela Dickens
05:41 09 Nov 21
"Customer service was nice. Quick to answer the call. Very disappointed they quoted me one price , and after filling the tank charged me more.11/8/2021***Review update ! Gentleman phoned me due to review and they are waiting the additional cost between ordering and delivering. 5 Stars"
Dr. Soraya Jafari, DDS, PC
13:26 27 Oct 21
"Perfect service. Every one responses to call immediately. Thanks"
Joan McGuire
18:02 20 Oct 21
"Suburban Propane auto delivers based on past consumption so I don't ever run low. I just need about a half tank about every year for my propane fireplace. This time I happened to be home and the Serviceman showed me how to unstick my gas guage."
Karen Warmus
15:07 12 Oct 21
"No problems with Suburban. Always service drivers who cvome are honest, professional and pleasant!"
Shawn Boyce
15:59 18 Mar 21
"They showed up at my house and quickly filled up my propane tank. I almost didn’t know they were there. Great service!!!"
Kye Ahn
14:45 18 Mar 21
"I am happy with all the services, but sometimes even requests through the websiteIt would be better if you could deal with it quickly."
Alex Beasley
20:40 16 Nov 20
"The technician was on time and very professional and the bill wasn't as bad as I expected. Thanks Suburban!"
20:28 22 Oct 20
"Excellent service. I had the pleasure of working with Corwin and he sent two propane experts out for a safety check who were awesome from start to finish. They were timely, professional, courteous and genuinely helpful. I spoke with a few other Propane companies in the area, and can tell Suburban cafes about you. They’re straight up and honest, and truly want to help you. I am very happy with the service I have received from Suburban and I am a happy customer! Highly recommend."
Kenny Kelley
12:30 29 May 20
"When you find both the installers, customer service and the team that fills your tank are personable and knowledgeable it makes the commitment to Suburban Propane with every penny.Any hiccups were taken care of in a timely manner and anyone who has been out to our property has spent the time needed to explain how the process works.Wonderful experiences thus far!"
Giuseppa Princi
22:16 09 Mar 20
"They’re always beenpunctual on delivery my propane except in the month of March they forgot to come and I ran out of Fuel but they came very quickly on my delivery same day. Overall I love suburban propane."
BJ Moersen
19:11 10 Jan 20
"Suburban Propane delivers gas for our furnace and fireplace. We like that they automatically calculate and deliver the fuel without us having to phone each time. If we do start to run low, we just give them a call and they are out in a day or two."
Robin Marusin
20:49 30 Dec 19
"Have always been prompt, making sure our tank is able to be used at all times. They are the best!"
Sharon E
19:40 26 Dec 19
"Please don’t let me run out of propane like you did the last 2 years!!So far you have been terrific delivering do me every two weeks!! Please continue to do this!! I am also quick at sending my payment to you!!"
Victoria P
11:53 18 Dec 19
"Suburban Propane's auto fill program works well and they have great customer service - very responsive."
john brasunas
00:05 18 Dec 19
"As Suburban Propane customers for 31 years, we have an outside tank that we use for cooking on our kitchen stove. Recently I smelled gas outside, and the tank was hissing and frosting up at the pressure release.It was probably just over-pressure from a recent tank refill, but out of an abundance of caution Suburban Propane took our tank and replaced it with another.Good to have this peace of mind."
Michael Guerrero
20:33 01 Nov 19
"When I call, a knowledgeable agent answers with curtesy and politeness. On my last call, I was close to running out and Maria scheduled a next day priority delivery. Suburban also has competitive if not the best rates in the area. I highly recommend them."
Tricia M Manns
21:56 30 Oct 19
"The gentleman was very professional, when he came to fill my propane tank. When he finished, my receipt was tucked into my side deck door, perfectly. I've been a Suburban Propane customer, since 1997. I have always been treated with respect and kindness by everyone employed there. Thank you for your awesome service!"
Carolyn Martin
01:49 10 Oct 19
"Being new RV owners we were having a hard time finding a propane business that could service our onboard propane tank. Suburban Propane came through for us just in time for a wonderful camping trip. We really appreciated their help."
Tom Engleman
00:55 14 Aug 19
"It is great having my tank topped off before it get too low. The delivery driver made the delivery quickly and quietly, then was gone. Never even knew he was there."
Juan Tayler
19:46 06 Aug 19
"Technicians were very pleasant and attentive and explained their work to do and seemed knowledgeable."
John Liu
18:59 21 Jun 19
"Go to place to refill our grill's propane tank. Receptionist is always very friendly and helpful. The refill is quick & painless. Also discount is offered on Thursday."
m p
19:30 21 May 17
"The propane drivers are all a bunch of welcoming helpful guys. Made me feel welcome at a time I was stuck waiting for road service 23 hrs. Offers to take me to a hotel and breakfast. Thanks guys. "
Lance Curran
16:31 06 Mar 17
"good service"
Alex Addams
08:04 04 Mar 17
"Suburban Propane is the go to for my businesses propane needs. I can always count on them to be there and supplied during the day when I need them! They also have some lovely ladies working the front desks!"
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