Ted Klee
17:22 19 Feb 20
"A little disappointed. I ran out of gas while I was enlisted in the auto refill plan. Called on Sunday to have it delivered as an emergency which worked ok but I had to be present which cost me 4 or 5 hours I had not planned on. Then the bill was overpriced by 50% and took a call to fix it."
Sandra Callis
22:00 08 Jan 20
"Suburban Prophane is so good to come out and refill your tank quick after letting them know you need a refill. The staff is friendlyTheir prices are better than other companies i checked with when shopping for the company to set our tank"
Cold Spring
03:29 27 Dec 19
"The delivery man, Mike, is awesome! You can't ask for better.The problem I encountered was getting someone on the phone in the office to arrange for a delivery. I even went on line and that didn't work cause after calling New Jersey and Nashville, there was no record of my request. When I'd call the Clarksville office, the phone would ring ONCE and hang up. Come on, fix your stuff! Happy New Year!"
william reed
23:50 13 Dec 19
"My service was presented by Scott, a very professional young man. Service by several staff members was courteous and quick."
Cecil R, Cole
17:36 03 Dec 19
"The route man who serves me does a magnificent job in that I do not have to worry about running out of gas. CRC."
mdcice mdcice
13:17 18 Jul 19
"Suburban Propane has always been the BEST supplier in the market. My research many years ago showed that Suburban is tops in the propane service. And my experience with them has showed them to be superb. I've been with them for 15+ years in Tennessee. They have always provided excellent Quality, Price and service. Their delivery person, (MIKE), that I've had recently, is of exceptional quality though. I've never seen anyone compare to his neatness, professional demeanor and helpfulness. I happened to look at his truck and I must say that I have never seen anyone keep a work truck so clean and neat and in top condition. Suburban must be proud to have a guy like that."
Sara Harper
16:05 13 Jan 16
"Suburban Propane is great! Great customer service, great delivery guy, great company to do business with! Always so helpful and never condescending and never act like you are imposing on their time. Recommend them highly!"
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