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Kara Harka
18:24 24 Apr 21
"Suburban Propane was great, we had a issue and they are ready to resolve it. The first very friendly person I talked to was able to give some suggestions and sent someone out to do a leak test the next day. The issue hasn't been resolved, but that's on my end to schedule service."
Corey Woods
13:51 12 Jan 21
"Checked tank on Wednesday and said 40%, went to use on Sunday and fireplace would not stay lit. Shook tank and meter dropped to zero. Kinda like a float in a toilet it can stick. Call up and told representative problem, she said no problem we understand it does happen. About a hour later Suburban showed up and filled tank with no extra charge. Thank you for providing heat to my family."
Dale French
18:30 12 Nov 20
"the delivery person that delivered my propane was knowledgeable and very vice. He spoke highly of the company that he works for and added that he couldn't imagine eorking for any other company but for Suburban"
Jessica Engler
13:09 25 Oct 20
"Moved into a new home that had propane heating system. Was very unfamiliar with the ins and outs- from initial safety check to tank fill- everyone was so professional and courteous! Highly recommend using them for all your propane needs (and super low pricing compared to competitors). Thank you Suburban Propane!!!!"
Paula Bell
20:41 20 Oct 20
"Clean, efficient, and very personable even with an 8 yo asking a million questions!!"
Allen Weirbach
21:33 09 Oct 20
"Great service and timely delivery of kerosene. Suburban propane is the only company that doesn’t have an order minimum for the deliveries."
Frank Castone
19:57 15 Jul 20
"All the guys are nice that deliver all is good with them !"
Joseph Staples
22:16 15 Jan 20
"They are always very helpful when I call.. I just wish their prices were a little more competitive..."
John Coppola
08:59 09 Jan 20
"Just great service."
Rick Pforter
23:02 18 Dec 19
"Ran out of propane and a delivery truck was dispatched and arrived within 2 hours. So thankful for how Suburban Propane trteats its customers. Thank you so much."
Doc LeSabintino
22:12 13 Dec 19
"Wonderful service, great prices. Highly recommend."
Brian Tharp
12:54 12 Dec 19
"Service is fine. I am on a budget plan with automatic delivery and have never run out of oil. They also clean my furnace once a year."
Bob Erie
20:42 11 Dec 19
"I live in a ‘No go in snow’ area at the top of a very steep hill. Your drivers ALWAYS have my back!I am so thankful for their courtesy!!!"
Salvatore Famularo
19:58 11 Dec 19
"Service was prompt... I diagree with prepay only because its not an accuratefill. Therefore I always carry a credit."
Joey Kemler
18:22 01 Sep 17
"I called them with a problem with my propane, Lisa (who was extra nice and sweet.) Helped me through it all. Overall great experience very nice worker and very helpful and fast to fix problems."
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