Frank Castone
19:57 15 Jul 20
"All the guys are nice that deliver all is good with them !"
Joseph Staples
22:16 15 Jan 20
"They are always very helpful when I call.. I just wish their prices were a little more competitive..."
John Coppola
08:59 09 Jan 20
"Just great service."
Rick Pforter
23:02 18 Dec 19
"Ran out of propane and a delivery truck was dispatched and arrived within 2 hours. So thankful for how Suburban Propane trteats its customers. Thank you so much."
Doc LeSabintino
22:12 13 Dec 19
"Wonderful service, great prices. Highly recommend."
Brian Tharp
12:54 12 Dec 19
"Service is fine. I am on a budget plan with automatic delivery and have never run out of oil. They also clean my furnace once a year."
Bob Erie
20:42 11 Dec 19
"I live in a ‘No go in snow’ area at the top of a very steep hill. Your drivers ALWAYS have my back! I am so thankful for their courtesy!!!"
Salvatore Famularo
19:58 11 Dec 19
"Service was prompt... I diagree with prepay only because its not an accuratefill. Therefore I always carry a credit."
Joey Kemler
18:22 01 Sep 17
"I called them with a problem with my propane, Lisa (who was extra nice and sweet.) Helped me through it all. Overall great experience very nice worker and very helpful and fast to fix problems."
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