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Nader Joseph
14:44 04 Aug 23
Kenn Sypher
17:10 18 Jan 23
"they were here on time and great men to deal with very professional, in and out and crossed all their "T"s and dotted all their I's very pleaded!thank you!!"
terrie jackson
22:09 10 Mar 22
"Suburban was great. Gave me the lowest rate i could find and came right out and delivered before i ran out. it was a great company to help me deal with the bad from prev company that kept my money and closed their doors."
Dale Johnson
12:18 12 Nov 20
"The Service from Day 1 has been excellent, office was very Professional with paper work, the two gentlemen who arrived to install the tanks and hook it to the generator were nice pleasant local guys 1st class. I was impressed that Mike the delivery tank driver was passing by and saw the install going in so he stopped and filled the tanks right then. That way I had a chance to talk with him about future deliveries.I'm afraid that i have forgotten the other's names who were here. But Suburban Propane should be proud to have these folks representing your company to your customers. If things continue on this positive note until May we most likely will switch our Fuel Oil purchases to Suburban."
Steven Bird
23:02 13 Dec 19
"install was done in a timely manner and the price was very reasonable. Excellent followup too as several local companies visited my home and never even sent me a quote! Suburban was great!"
Walt Boivin
14:30 25 Nov 19
"I like the people in the office and their service men. I got to know many of them while I worked at the dealer where they brought their trucks for service. I've had a few problems with communication, however. Last spring I called and requested no gas delivery because I had enough and our road was extremely muddy so I didn't want it torn up by the gas truck. The lady I spoke with said she'd cancel the ticket, which incorrectly I thought meant no delivery. The gas truck arrived 2 days later and left 10" deep ruts in my driveway because cancelling the ticket just delayed it until the computer spit out another list. I don't think the average customer would expect a delivery after the ticket was cancelled. My second call stopped deliveries and I called in September to restart automatic deliveries. I called again in November to ask when my delivery was scheduled and was surprised to hear that I was still on delivery hold. I again requested automatic delivery and told them that my tank was below 20%. By the time the truck arrived it was below 15%. I'd like to request that people LISTEN TO ME and send me email confirmations of future conversations."
Tom Blodgett
19:58 20 Nov 19
"Ed came and rebuilt our Vermont Castings gas stove. He did a nice job and got it back to good working order. Was nice to have a repair guy who knew the stove and what it needed. Good job Ed."
Greg Frazer
12:56 13 Nov 19
"Fantastic customer service. The salesman has been great to work with and the delivery guy was courteous and knowledgeable."
Dee Creighton Johnson
22:07 12 Nov 19
"My propane tank is in a place that's had to access during the winter months. Still, the young man who covers this delivery route is always pleasant and never misses our delivery. Even though there is an expemption to the road posting during "mud season", I prefer not to have heavy trucks coming through unless absolutely necessary. He is appreicative of this request and complies without question (once I have notified the office that I wish to hold on deliveries)."
Barbara OConnell
00:51 31 Oct 19
"I’ve been a customer for a long time, with multiple accounts. I always get premium service and support. The customer service people are efficient, the service providers are timely and hard working, and I can always count on Suburban to take care of any issues. A great group to work with."
Alexandra Corwin
22:22 10 Oct 19
"Your service man was wonderful! He not only went for parts when needed, he also picked me up off the cellar floor when I tripped on a rock and fell!"
KAthy Pierce
13:14 09 Oct 19
"Had a fuel delivery to start the winter season. very nice service, and a great driver."
David LaBelle
13:50 10 Sep 19
"Delivery always on time, very completive prices on fuel oil, multiple payment options and a friendly office staff that is always cheery and ready to help! What more do you need? You have my business!Many Thanks,David W. LaBelle Meriden, NH"
Barbara OConnell
17:29 19 Aug 19
"I’ve been a customer for a long time, with multiple accounts. I always get premium service and support. The customer service people are efficient, the service providers are timely and hard working, and I can always count on Suburban to take care of any issues. A great group to work with."
Allison Sanborn
20:23 25 Jul 18
"I've had AMAZING service when I've spoken to Susan or JoAnn. Both women are helpful, polite and care about the service that they are providing my family. When I need oil, or have a question about my bill, they have the answers and help right away. Can't say enough good things about these two ladies!!!"
Bailey Kahn
13:26 02 Oct 17
"I have had such a great experience so far using Suburban. The installation guys were awesome and the office ladies were super nice and made the entire process a breeze. I am so glad I went with Suburban and would recommend them to anybody."
Joseph Olshan
13:22 15 Feb 17
"Actually, I disagree with the first comment. I've been with them for a while and they are pretty accommodating, all things considered. I haven't done enough research to know how competitive their prices are, partly because I am a member of The Fuel Club and Suburban and Irving and the only two options. But they are good outfit. My friend who lives up in Waitsfield, is a part of a condominium complex. I wish I could get the price that he gets, but Condo complexes, by virtue of their size, have more buying power."
Shari Maverick
16:40 03 Jan 17
"switched to them recently and had great customer service all around. The men coming to install our new tank were very friendly and did a great job. Super happy with their service!"
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