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Shanthi Noriega
20:01 30 Nov 22
"Efficient, on time, and Yareli, the front desk person is professional and knows her job well. The person who came put to fill my tank and inspect the appliances was knowledgeable and thorough. It was a pleasure to work with Suburban Propane."
Mel Taylor
23:33 05 Nov 22
"Received a prompt and courteous response to my refill request."
Melissa Berman
19:12 27 Jul 22
"Rob appeared right on time, did a very thorough gas pressure test. A leak was found at our range, which we are replacing immediately. We appreciated this service was well worth the $75 charge"
Dennis Rose
18:36 27 Jul 22
"On time, professional, knew what they were doing; got it done quickly."
Joy Calonico
22:46 01 Feb 21
"We’ve been customers for a long time, and recently had two new propane tanks professionally installed by Burt. He does excellent work and really knows his stuff! Suburban Propane has been great! And here we are a year later needing Propane during a snow storm. Suburban has served us beautifully throughout this difficult week without power. They kept our generator working. The office staff, especially Vareli, have been fantastic. Great customer service. Thank you so much!"
Greta Zeit
18:55 11 Nov 20
"The best customer service of any of the propane companies I have dealt with over the past 25 years."
Ballroom Blitz
20:43 17 Aug 20
"The Suburban Propane crew is fantastic. They always make sure to give you personal, professional, and considerate service."
14:02 18 Jul 20
"Suburban is easy to deal with, friendly people, especially my driver. BUT, they are the most expensive, unless you are lucky enough to get in on pre buy deal, then only a bit higher than others."
Alec Chapman
18:03 19 Feb 20
"Great customer service, fast delivery, great price."
Gregory Lee
19:45 31 Dec 19
"Della at the Lakeport Ca office was one of the reasons that I chose suburban over All the other propane companies. She was very pleasant & knowledgeable. And then the installer who's name I unfortunately forget. Prompt , professional as well as Extremely good at his Job going above and beyond. Thx Suburban propane.,"
Karen Wilder
18:22 03 Dec 19
"This company is always reliable, great customer service, and they make it easy to reorder."
Penny Nichols
16:24 26 Nov 19
"Thanks lots. Great customer service."
K Brown
20:01 12 Nov 19
"I appreciate that our Propane Company makes sure they check and then,Top off the tank once a month. *It would be nice to have them be more competitive in the pri$e."
Joy Calonico
20:37 08 Oct 19
"We’ve been customers for a long time, and recently had two new propane tanks professionally installed by Burt. He does excellent work and really knows his stuff! Suburban Propane has been great!"
Linda Jarvis
17:46 20 Sep 19
"We have been with Suburban for a long time and have found them to be reliable, helpful, and customer service oriented. We depend on them as our home is off the grid and they have always taken good care of us."
Cynthia Forbes
13:03 25 Jul 19
"They respond quickly to our needs, even on weekends and holidays."
Robert Coyle
22:50 01 Mar 19
"prices keep going up and unfortunately, other than the driver, the service continues to fall. Within hours Manager Omar called, listened and remedied the situation....had to raise the bar with Omar's managing and Albert the driver's awesome service."
Christine Kuha
18:19 21 May 18
"I would like to edit the terrible review I gave Suburban. They are issuing my credit. They had an incorrect zip. Lindsey was very apologetic on the phone. I did not understand why no credit when they billed so often which caused the credit in the first place. But I take it all back! I think it will work out."
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