Carmical Hunter
17:02 29 Jan 20
"Great service...highly recommend this company."
Kristine McMillan
16:04 20 Jan 20
"Suburban has always been there when I've needed them. And honestly, I haven't had to call on them much because they are always on top of things. Very organized and ready to serve!"
mark harton
23:37 15 Jan 20
"Not a fan of corporate , but local people are always very helpful. All my concerns have been resolved by them to the best of their ability. BUT I should not have to negotiate every single year to remain a customer. Thank you Pam in Greenville!"
Maureen Egan
20:59 15 Jan 20
"I called Suburban for a refill on my gas tank and to change the name on my family's account since it had been in my husband's name and he passed away. I received very prompt service on both requests. Very well done."
Julie Callaway
21:58 08 Jan 20
"Everyone was so friendly in the office as well as the deliverers. The day we had our tank installed it was pouring down rain and the guy kept working till he was finished. My husband was out there on the porch talking to him and got a little wet but said the guy was soaked when he finished. The next day they came to fill the tank and once again my husband went out and talked to the guy. He came in and said they were super nice. And what I liked the most is how they worked with us. Great company. we are truly satisfied."
Gil Gerretsen
14:57 23 Jan 19
"I have to voice my opinion that I've always had terrific customer service. Every person I've ever talked to on the phone has been super courteous and helpful. The truck drivers and maintenance guys have been equally friendly. Suburban makes the fuel delivery process a "no brainer" for me and I get fair and competitive rates (yes, I've spot checked now and then). My only wish is that they had the capability to fill my small tanks for the grill ... but alas, they are apparently different fittings."
jo smith
16:33 04 Feb 16
"One year with this co.So far - excellent customer service.Delivery people have been outstanding !FAR better than another co. I WAS dealing with !"
Jennifer Rose
13:47 19 Jan 16
"I love the service I received and Everyone is extremely nice !!I've not had any problems with these guys and they are Best in Upstate !!!"
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