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Geoff Prettyman
20:34 21 Dec 22
"We have worked with both Grass Valley and Woodland offices of Suburban Propane and both have provided exceptional service and follow-up. The phone/office staff and service technicians are always available and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend Suburban Propane."
16:42 19 Aug 22
"Showed up on time. Did a complete inspection and fixed the problem"
Gaylie Bell-Stewart
17:30 27 Jul 22
"They fill well before the tank is empty. Excellent crew!"
Steve Hand
15:02 01 Feb 22
"As a new customer Suburban did an outstanding job with my propane needs even in the light of extreme circumstances of delivery, weather and other post-storm related emergencies. Communication was excellent and they delivered as promised."
Kirke from Sausalito
22:07 20 Oct 21
"On the good side, they are good at keeping our tank filled. On the down side, they are not so great at providing details (gallons, price)."
Alan Kilborn
18:39 12 Aug 21
"I am impressed with the speed of your response to my emergency request for propane delivery!It was late morning on Saturday and the shower water was only slightly warm. I checked the propane tank and it was at zero. I called Suburban Propane for an emergency delivery and they were there in slightly over an hour filling my tank. The technician checked all the appliances to make sure they lit properly and was gone in no time. Really ..... I am impressed. Thank you Suburban. I would recommend your service to anyone.Alan Kilborn in Lake of the Pines"
Matthew des Tombe
18:57 18 Nov 20
"They have been servicing our place for years and we always get good service from them with prompt delivery and accurate billing! Highly reccomended!"
kathy miller
21:35 17 Nov 20
"I have been with this company for over 30 years they have treated me well and have taken care of me I have never run out of gas during the winter.. thank you for taking care of me so well in the past years"
Raphael Carricato
18:06 11 Nov 20
"I have been a customer & I have Referred Real Estate Clients to Suburban Propane (Grass Valley Office ) for close to 10 years. I have received excellent professional service across the board from Management, ServiceTechnicians, and delivery personal. They are Easy to work with and care about your needs. Highly Recommed😇"
Sam Ivey
12:16 11 Mar 20
"The crew did a great job of moving my tank so we could install a backup generator. They were back quickly to hook us back up once the trench was done, and very promptly got our tank fill."
18:14 29 Jan 20
"Excellent customer service & highly professional!Our Propane tank went empty in our vacation home when we left the heater on for about 3 weeks in a row 😬On a cold Saturday, we arrived with no heat, etc..My panic call to the 800 number, ... the operator on the phone and then I was connected to the local dispatch & managers... very impressive with their calm and professional response.Most importantly, the quick arrival of their truck on a far far mountain territory.Thank you guys!!"
Mary McBain
19:32 16 Jan 20
"The service I get from Suburban is exceptional! Great staff, helpful, and they seem like they really want to take care of you."
Cliff Case
23:15 15 Jan 20
"Very friendly and timely service. Responded quickly to our service request and ensured our tank was full to the brim. Very happy customer."
Gary Herron
20:47 10 Dec 19
"Have been a customer for around 10 years. Their prices are always competitive and the service has been flawless."
Jerry Bliss
19:48 05 Dec 19
"Driver was friendly did a proper job. I am a happy customer. I expect more frequent and timely visits from propane delivery truck now that Winter and colder weather has arrived."
Ben Quinn
18:39 05 Dec 19
"Automatic refill somehow got overlooked and our propane tank went dry on a chilly Sunday night at 11pm. My wife, who is physically handicapped, and I are in our 90's and are not too tolerant of cold. I called Suburban Propane, explained the problem, and within one hour a very helpful lady arrived with a propane truck, refilled our tank, checked out our furnace, and started up our, by then, unlit water heater. Please thank that lady for us."
Margaret Munson
14:16 25 Nov 19
"Polite, knowledgeable, informed staff. Provided helpful info on turning off propane in case of a fire.Deliveries on time."
Ruben Cabigas Sr.
22:38 24 Sep 19
"Always great service from SUBURBAN,office staff and your delivery personal. Better pries than other propane services....."
Randy Fields
17:22 24 Sep 19
"Was charged a different amount than what I was quoted. Put in a call to customer service and they adjusted it quickly. Thank you"
Dale Hutchins
22:20 06 Aug 19
"I have been dealing with Suburban Propane in Grass Valley CA for over 10 years now. They are always courteous, professional, and quick to respond to any issues. I highly recommend this company to anyone in our area. When dealing with their customer service number, they too are responsive and professional."
Terry Haworth
01:20 02 Jul 19
"Suburban Propane has the most pleasant and friendly office staff I have dealt with in Grass Valley. It's great to hear a "happy" voice on the other end of a business phone call. My husband has taken our bbq tanks for fill up, is always waited on immediately, with friendly service. The delivery crew are great too. Thank you for great customer service."
19:20 07 Mar 19
"I've had pretty good service from Suburban over the years but this year, I've had a lot of problems. I'm on auto-fill but have had to call every month this winter. Finally last month, I talked to Ryan & my auto-fill date was re-adjusted. So I thought this month would be fine. I even called to confirm that my delivery would be this past Monday & was told yes. This morning my heater was blowing cold air. Went to check & I was out of propane. When I called, I got a sorry but no explanation on why the delivery wasn't made. I am waiting going on 2 hours for the emergency delivery so I can have heat & hot water."
Wifey Pie
23:21 05 Mar 19
"Seems like a good deal because they do have the lowest rate anywhere in the foothills BUT on the "will call" plan my gas gauge got stuck and I ran out because it went from saying 60% to being absolutely zero. The customer service people are ALWAYS super friendly but I got frustrated because then when I changed my plan to a "auto fill" plan I ran out of gas 3 more times each time it was because the float connected to the gauge was getting stuck which I reported EVERY single time but STILL everytime I was charged a $75 service fee because they had to re-pressurize the lines. Now because I was on auto fill but am moving I have a big fat bill I have to pay BEFORE THEY WILL STOP FILLING IT! They also told me there's no way the waive the fee for the tank running completely empty even though it IS because of faulty equipment. I'm really frustrated with the entire situation but they're still better to deal with than Brown's gas so 💁........ Just have to add I did call them back to cancel service and settle up and the customer service rep Mindy who answered was AMAZING she's going to make sure the default in the tank is handled as soon as it's empty again and she's sending out a driver to fill our tank tomorrow and rightly so, waiving the damn service fee because the faulty equipment is not my fault. So I am giving some stars back. I also have to say their delivery guy Bill is always super nice and makes sure our pilots and gas lines etc are safe ❤"
Nina H
01:19 28 Aug 18
"Suburban Propane is excellent! Great customer service, from the office staff, to the delivery and repair services staff! And they always have the best prices in town (for my customer owned tank), by usually .40 to .50 cents or more per gallon! They've got our tank fill business for the last few years, and I'm confident in their service and competitive pricing, so I'll be sticking with them! Best around for sure ☝👍"
Karen Yates
05:05 22 Jun 18
"Every person I have come in contact with has been AMAZING, I am new to the area, Lora has gone above and way beyond to help me! Ryan the new Manager has also been very helpful, And their customer service is what customer service should be, once again AMAZING!!! THANK-YOU for all your hard work!"
Stephanie Niles
17:08 08 Apr 17
"Suburban propane is the best. Their prices are fair and the staff always answers my questions and concerns professionally. I had an issue with the buyer of my home not paying me for a full tank of propane and because of them I finally received my money!"
17:33 25 Jan 17
"Had a safety inspection and the serviceman was very helpful and thorough in answering my questions. I put three stars because every time I talk to the office staff, they use high pressure sales tactics to get me to fill my tank sooner than is necessary."
Joe&Alicia McDonald
16:58 13 Sep 16
"Suburban Propane has always given us excellent service. They came out on Christmas Eve last year with a days notice because we forgot to check our tank in time. They have helped us out with lower their minium amount because we were in between pay days. Everytime l call they take the time to ask how l am doing and answer all my questions. The drivers that do deliveries are always so nice and friendly. We have been with them for almost 5 yrs now and l wouldn't trade them for any other propane company. Keep up the AMAZING WORK YOU ALL DO at SUBURBAN PROPANE in GRASS VALLEY We APPRECIATE it and HAPPY to have costumer service like you company in our community. THANK YOU"
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