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Christina Lehman
15:49 02 Aug 21
"We called to set up service as we had just purchased the home in the middle of winter. The staff is very friendly. They were quick and efficient. We have the new tank within the week. The whole process was smooth and effortless!"
Anti Crust
15:52 02 Nov 20
"Above and beyond personalized and friendly customer service"
Keith William
21:08 30 Aug 20
"Everyone’s got the same propane right? It’s the ppl that make a difference! Everyone I’ve ever dealt with from the folks in the office to the service manager to the drivers are awesome! The few times there has been a issue I’ll find out after it’s fixed lol all this with me being... well.. just plain bad at keeping up with my tank. They are always beyond helpful, professional , and accommodating! The Entire staff at this location should be recognized ! And corporate I hope you go far beyond a printed award and lunch as these folks go above and beyond for y’all on a daily basis!"
19:38 18 Dec 19
Ralph Rich
21:53 17 Dec 19
"Had to schedule a last minute installation and the owner and secretary made it happen on time. They communicate and gave me a time frame was completed. Even the driver stayed in contact. Why can't cable companies do the same thing??"
James Bond123
17:36 03 Dec 19
"We were out of town for 3 weeks in January. During that time we had about 6-8 inches of snow. This happened to coincide with Suburban's delivery schedule. Since we were not home the driveway did not get cleared and propane was not delivered. The house ran out of propane and our furnace shut down, leaving the house without heat in the middle of winter. I would have hoped that the least they would do is call us so that we could arrange for the driveway to be cleared for their delivery."
Laura Rogers
13:45 25 Nov 19
"Always great service!! We have a long driveway and they always navigate it perfectly. Pleasure doing business with Suburban Propane."
Etnan MEOW
16:41 12 Sep 19
"Been here a few times, never had an issue."
Brian P. Carlson
14:21 23 Dec 18
"I travel quite often in my RV and this company always gets my propane tank properly filled for me so I can be worm and cosy in the cold weather. Then I cook all summer back home. The funny part is that I live in Pennsylvania and always end up getting my propane at Suburban in Crystal Lake, Illinois! !!! Thank you Suburban Propane for keeping me gassed"
Mike Eiseman
20:21 08 Sep 17
"Fast service. Great value!"
Lance Neuses
18:24 29 Jul 17
"Great place to get your 20# propane tank filled. $16 and you get a free fill after the 3rd tank is filled."
Mike Poe
20:00 08 Sep 16
"Great for all propane needs"
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