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Harold O'kane
18:33 07 Feb 23
"Excellent, prompt service from friendly folks that really helped us out in a situation with our rental, and now we won't go anywhere else!"
Suzanne Beigel
15:30 28 Jul 22
"Absolutely fantastic service from everyone I interacted with. They save the day!"
Ed Temple
19:32 27 Oct 21
"Great service, consciousness, knowledgeable driver. Office staff very helpful."
Tony Madrid
21:59 12 Oct 21
"Suburban is GREAT. The staff is REALLY helpful. They check up to see if everything worked out. The serviceman Jay, installed the stove (and the tank) quickly and neatly. There was no part of the entire transaction that was below par. They get an A+ on every part of the deal."
M b
18:01 20 Jul 21
"Friendly and very prompt customer service from every member of their staff. Impressive!"
Marci Barker
19:54 07 Jul 21
"Very impressed with the quality of help and service. Our propane ran out at night in a holiday and customer service was friendly and got someone out asap saving us. Thank you!"
Diana Meyerstein
19:31 07 Apr 21
"We were in a bind when the gas company that will remain nameless (but starts with an "F") that we've used for the past couple years, flaked on our delivery that had been scheduled for over 10 days. Needless to say, we were now without propane and were told they couldn't get here for another week. That did not sit well as it was the driver's error and we had called well in advance of our tank running out.We then contacted Suburban Propane in Crescent City, CA which is about 45 minutes from our home, and spoke to Kaitlyn and told her our story. She was going to see what she could do and call me back. Kaitlyn said she was able to get their technician, Jay, out to our house the following day. I cannot say enough good things about how pleased we are with Suburban Propane's customer service. They saved the day!! Thank you!We are now happy Suburban Propane customers. Their prices are way better too! : )"
j miner
22:03 20 Nov 20
"They are the best for service and speed of delivery"
Joyce Smith
20:11 28 Oct 20
"You have met your motto.This is one more customer that is totally satisfied."
Rick Scherle
16:45 01 Sep 20
"When I bought this house, there was an old rusty propane tank in the back from a different provider. I called up that response.That's when I tried Suburban. Suburban came out right away with a shiny, bigger tank, pumped all of the propane out of the old tank, and put it in the new tank.Since then, I've had them come out and run a trench to my new generator, which they did for free.They are always courteous, prompt and extremely service oriented. It's like having a friend in the business."
Tom Patterson
20:37 22 Jun 20
"Swapped to smaller tank as we don't use that much propane. Didn't take them long and called ahead like we asked so we could put our dogs up.Have been a customer for years and quite satisfied. On their monthly auto payment plan which I like.Another company in area wouldn't serve us since we don't use that much propane!"
Tom Colwell
22:37 07 Oct 19
"Propane alarm went off in our RV. So we called suburban and scheduled a service call. They came out the same day. Bill came out that afternoon , run a series of tests checking for bubbles and a pressure test. Also tested the alarm. No leak was found but we now have peace of mind knowing all is ok. Bill was professional, friendly and personable. Listened to all our concerns and explained them away.This issue was resolved quickly. Very glad we called them."
Kim Beaty
19:59 25 Sep 19
"Friendly staff, quick refill and Mike helped me lift my propane tank back in the truck."
Ryan Wakefield
21:11 14 Feb 19
"Always prompt and courteous service. Mike has been great!"
Ryan Wakefield
21:11 14 Feb 19
"Always prompt and courteous service. Mike has been great!"
Jennifer Santos
20:15 25 Aug 18
"Stopped to fill our propane tank on our way through town. Very friendly man helped us, we were in and out in 10 minutes. Thanks for your help."
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