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Sara Urs
03:00 17 Jun 17
"Today Suburban Propane in Columbus and the location in Lancaster went above and beyond to help me. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I am from Northeast Ohio and came to Columbus for business, I only travel here a few times a year and always enjoy this beautiful city. Unfortunately today I had a problem arise I have never encountered in the 18 years I have worked for my company. I called several propane suppliers hoping someone could help, Suburban was the only one to take the time to listen to my dilemma and then amazingly look up solutions to my problem and quickly call me back with the help I desperately needed. I hope they know how much I appreciate their professionalism, their expertise in propane, and their kindness. Thank you again Suburban Propane!"
Lorie Fearing
20:54 25 Jun 15
"I had a recent propane leek and was very impressed with the service that I received from my Tech Mike from the McKinley Ave. Columbus OH office. He went above and beyond to fix my problem!! Excellent Customer Service!"
Brian Blankenship
23:46 27 Jan 17
Ray Hayes
15:14 25 Nov 19
"SP has been a good and reliable supplier. I have a request - I have used SP to refill my grill propane tanks, at the rate specified in my home supply contract. This is a great benefit and lets me refill tanks at a much reduced price compared to grocery or home improvement stores. This facility was out of service much of the summer of 2019 (I was told a failed pump). I'd ask that this customer service be raised in priority so that it available most of the business day, or maybe every day after 1PM.Thanks."
Nancy Young
20:28 11 Dec 19
"I have always got great service from all of your staff. Very helpful and courteous. Thank you for your awesome service"
Joella Stapp
03:20 12 Dec 19
"Contracts are easy to set up. Pricing very fair. Great delivery service."
Nancy A Engel
20:48 08 Jan 20
"I like everything about Surburban propane. They worked with me at great length when I built my new home and needed to set up a propane account. Melissa who works for Surburban went above and beyond to help me. She is a great employee for them. Thank you Melissa. I look forward to many years working with you."
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