Proudly serving the Bennington area and into Hoosick Falls, NY. Servicing Bennington county. Providing dependable propane service for Bennington, Pownal, N. Bennington, Arlington Shaftsbury and Woodford and Hoosick Falls, NY.



Debbi Grossfeld
18:13 31 Mar 23
"Suburban has wonderful customer service .. they came when called, provided service, and things are back to normal. Thank you!"
Kram Yllier
14:57 26 Mar 23
"Service was great! Highly recommended."
18:00 09 Feb 23
"I needed some kerosene and my usually supplier had none. The folks at Suburban inspected my tank, set up a new account for me, and expeditiously delivered the kerosene. Great people, who now have all my business!"
Michael Sardano
18:19 21 Dec 22
"Great customer service from the top down"
Lou Parrott
14:03 14 Dec 22
"Most of the work was completed to our satisfaction but we had to call for a tech a few days after the heater was hooked up because of a gas leak. It was fixed and now everything works properly."
Aleshia Nason
20:15 30 Nov 22
"The company and staff are absolutely amazingly helpful! When I needed it the most they came through for me. Helpful,sincere and very understanding!"
Dennis OConnor
11:49 28 Sep 22
"Great customer service good communication Technician very helpful with safety check an explained propane system to this new owner. No issues"
Kilt Merkley
23:12 13 Sep 22
"Laura (bennington Vt)was great with helping me with a few different issues. Called her a few times and was always very professional and helpful."
John Schaub
14:09 10 May 22
"Professional from start to finish. Great people to deal with in a positive way."
Hal Pyke
19:05 07 Oct 21
"Diane Severino set up my account efficiently and was very supportive and patient! Thanks."
Leanne Garofolo
19:02 06 Jul 20
"Too bad I didn't know before how easy it would be to change to Suburban. Would have done it sooner. Folks came on schedule and installed new tank and move old tank to the side. Very pleased so far with Suburban's service. Customer service area has been delightfully responsive."
Cheri Bush
22:33 09 Mar 20
"Although I got off to really bumpy start with Suburban, there was a lot of miscommunication and frustrating situations, I am more than impressed with their willingness to make it right. It took patience on my part and a good customer support team on their end to get everything straightened out. I'm glad I hung in there!I have one more hurdle to overcome with them soon, but I'm hopeful it will get handled in the best way!"
Ben P
18:29 16 Jan 20
"The technician was informative, professional, and did things in a timely manner. He even went out of his way to suggest the best setting for our heating system, so it did not overwork. Thank you so much for the great service!"
Poly Mud
15:48 14 Nov 19
"Kelly is always so helpful and knowledgeable about how to meet my needs when i call."
Robert Giunta
21:46 12 Nov 19
"Just got my first delivery after switching to Suburban. The delivery person left my propane hatch askew. Upon inspection, I found that the hinge is worn out and broken, a fact that doesn't prevent full closure and a fact that seems should have been reported to me. Anyway, the delivery came as requested and the billing was accurate. My first cleaning is coming up in a few weeks."
Dawn Rodrigues
20:25 12 Nov 19
"The service was first thing in the morning, efficient, and not one bit disruptive."
David Adams
20:05 12 Nov 19
"As a will call customer, I was impressed that my request for a fill up for my generator was fulfilled within 24 hours. Great Service!"
Bonnie Holden
19:40 30 Oct 19
"Your service has been outstanding and your competitive rates keep us very happy. Thanks for keeping us warm!"
Sandi Robinson
21:51 08 Oct 19
"Suburban Propane has always taken excellent care of us -- Regardless of the weather over the years we have never run out of fuel. We are delighted to be their customer."
Sandi Robinson
20:38 08 Oct 19
"Suburban Propane has always taken excellent care of us -- Regardless of the weather over the years we have never run out of fuel. We are delighted to be their customer."
george rigoulot
10:30 27 Sep 19
"Another season and we feel warm and secure with Suburban. Thank you your on time delivery"
Aaron Sullivan
11:13 25 Sep 19
"Overall a great place to do business with. They really go beyond and work with the families using their service."
19:42 25 Jul 19
"The customer service is second to none. The guys who delivered the propane we're professional and knowledgeable. I will continue to use Suburban Propane in the future."
Laurence Kaplan
13:56 08 May 19
"We we were having the most awful time with Irving, who had let the tank run dry twice in the dead of winter, after 9 years of paying them in full and on time. Suburban helped us navigate the switch away from Irving, and have since kept us in NG without issue. They are friendly and helpful on the phone. They “feel” local, like they understand you and your home. Six months in, we are very happy with Suburban."
Frank A. Molgano Jr.
18:01 25 Apr 19
Manuel Noguera
23:11 03 Apr 18
"I want thank Maria for her great work making my delivery on time"
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