Pete Gammon
18:17 16 Jun 20
"Best service around. Friendly staff, fast and efficient delivery people, very dependable"
James Owenby
01:32 10 Mar 20
"Did a great job. Brought a tank the next day for my shop tankless water heater. Filled within a few days."
James Owenby
01:32 10 Mar 20
"Did a great job. Brought a tank the next day for my shop tankless water heater. Filled within a few days."
Robert Schultz
20:29 08 Jan 20
"They are a good company and reliable. Each month without fail, they have stopped by, check our levels and if needed, added propane to our tank. I am happy to recommend them to you!"
John Bacilek
18:31 17 Dec 19
"I called Suburban to order a delivery. They said they would deliver it on Saturday, and that is when they arrived. No questions or issues. The delivery person left a bill, which I paid over the phone with a credit card. So a very easy interaction."
Donna Holloman
18:09 17 Dec 19
"Suburban Propane has a contract with our landlord to come check our trailers on a regular basis and fill as needed. We, as tenants, pay a certain sum to our landlord for that service. That being said, last week one of their drivers came out, checked 1 trailer, then left. My propane was low and he didn't even bother. Last evening another Suburban truck came out to check on a reported possible leak. I approached the driver, known only as "driver ID #205, and asked if he could fill my tank because it was very low. He very graciously told me "I can do that" and commenced to filling my tank. Not only did he do that, but he went house to house and left new calendars for us.I have seen this driver here before and when he shows up, he checks every tank to see if it needs filling and then fills them if needed. This driver is a phenomenal asset to Suburban and I just want to say thank you!"
Dennis McQuillin
17:14 03 Dec 19
"Great customer service. There overall attitude and helpfulness was top of the line. I value that as much as anything when dealing with any product or service. Jennifer at the office was very informative and thorough. She even helped coordinate the process with my plumber and their installers. I am very pleased."
Chris Truelove
15:37 01 Dec 19
"New Homeowner! I checked with several propane companies in my area. Suburban was very competitive with the competition and got it hooked up within 7 days after agreement. Jennifer provided the best customer service. She responded back to me quickly. Hope to work with Suburban Propane for a long time. Will keep my experience updated."
Shaamanda Panda
21:16 10 Nov 19
"Staff is easy to work with and always ready to help. They provide a great service and look out for their customers"
20:42 08 Nov 19
"Customer service in the office is AMAZING! Amanda and Clareece helped me through the entire process and made my life easy. IF you want to work with GOOD people who will take the time to not only help, but actually listen and attempt to fully understand your needs this is the place. THEY ARE WILLING TO DO MORE AND GO ABOVE EXPECTATIONS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. I have read the reviews about cost and you get what you pay for and your paying for outstanding service. The pricing isn't the lowest but I can tell you its not the highest or that far off so I'm willing to pay to not have to worry about the little things...Thanks for the hard work you put out to get me ready for winter. YOU GUYS ROCK"
18:40 30 Oct 19
"Always great, friendly service from the Suburban Propane team. We recently had an emergency refill request due to a faulty appliance that emptied our tank. Suburban was able to coord the refill precisely with the appliance repair (including relighting our pilot lights and doing a leak test) so that we didn't lose any additional gas. Great service, friendly staff!!!"
Neal Davis
14:12 10 Oct 19
"The service people working out of the Cleveland, Tennessee office are friendly, considerate, helpful, thorough, and highly competent. We have only had excellent service from them, beginning with delivery and installation of the underground storage tank and continuing through all subsequent deliveries. The office people working in Cleveland also have been exceptional in all my conversations with them!"
Betsy Deacon
18:49 08 Oct 19
"Driver was extremely amiable. My driveway is really bad, and when that was mentioned, he said he had seen worse. He also said the branches across the driveway had been improved, though its been a year since we cut them. I was hoping he wouldn't come for another few weeks to give me time to fix things. Now I am soooo relieved and he was so kind."
Dick and Anne Parkhill
19:34 18 Sep 19
"Your delivery service was excellent and the driver was friendly and courteous. We are satisfied customers."
Lonnie Mabley
22:23 20 Jan 19
"Our church has been dealing with Suburban's Athens, TN office for 19 years. We have an elderly member and his wife (about 90 years old) that bought a home last year and as heating season was coming on they tried to get propane delivered to their home. The wife has terminal cancer and without propane for heat they have only had a space heater and heating pad to help them stay warm, and they have not had a functioning hot water heater. The couple own their own propane tank and for three months they have tried to get three different companies to deliver propane to them, but have always gotten the same answer, "our regular customers come first." One company made some feeble attempts to schedule a delivery, though after their driver had been out sick they indicated that they were behind in their deliveries due to his illness, and continued to delay. With temperatures forecasted to be only 19 degrees by Sunday night , I grew more concerned. As the Head Deacon for our church, at this point I jumped in to see how I might assist them in getting a propane delivery. Last Thursday morning I called the Athens office and explained the situation, but was told that they could not test the tank and lines for leaks until Friday afternoon. They indicated that it would be difficult and perhaps impossible to guarantee delivery by Friday evening, but that they would try their best and deliver gas as soon as possible thereafter. Imagine my delight and surprise to get word about 3:30 PM Friday afternoon that although the tank had a leak, they had hooked up a temporary tank and that our member now had heat and hot water! This was an answer to many prayers! What a wonderful outcome! Thank you Suburban for your concern and compassion for this elderly couples need, and for your dependability, your diligence and your timely assistance. You made their day and ours too!Lonnie M, Benton SDA Church"
brian dudley
10:17 13 May 17
"Customer service is their main concern."
Randy Fisher
14:56 09 Feb 16
"John did a great job connecting our grill, fire pit and outdoor heater on our deck. Good over-all customer service."
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