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Deanna Russell
21:16 04 Jan 21
"Suburban Propane was very responsive when I reported a gas leak at home last week. They sent out someone immediately and then a second technician the following day to fix the tank regulator. The technician was very personable and knowledgeable. We are very satisfied."
Ruth Rigby
19:50 24 Dec 20
"Always reliable and service-oriented. A person answers the phone. All records are accessed with ease. Discount program for prepay is helpful. I highly recommend Suburban Propane."
Tai Kulenic
00:14 11 Dec 20
"I hope management knows what a gem they have in Sandy in the front office. What a kind human, who goes up and beyond for people. Wow. Thank you for restoring my faith in people!"
Heidi Burns Pace
17:00 25 Nov 20
"Suburban Propane installer Jeffrey was friendly and very helpful. All of the office staff in the Asheville office worked hard to make my propane transition easy. I would and have recommend Suburban to any one who is willing to save money and work with a reputable company."
Gale Price
16:15 17 Nov 20
"Easy contactless delivery. I needed to contact the local office and that went very smoothly!"
Gary Tuerack
15:27 05 Nov 20
"Loved the service when I had a problem with a separate contractor grading who broke the propane line. Whoever does the hiring of staff for Suburban Propane for Asheville is doing a fantastic job because the two technicians as well as the two people in the office who answered the phones (Karl, Jeffrey, Michelle, and Angela) were all super helpful, positive, clear, supportive, and ready to come out at any hours and were solution oriented. Thanks for the great service!"
Charlie Bigham
21:06 28 Oct 20
"Just had a tank installed for our RV in Maggie Valley installer did a great job no problemThanks"
Mari Gramling
15:10 11 Oct 20
"I talked with Sandy who was so friendly and helpful. This is the second time I have dealt with her and am so appreciative of the way she almost eagerly responds to me and the way she completes my requests quickly and efficiently. I hope everyone at Suburban is as accommodating as she is!!!"
Bridget King
16:39 05 Oct 20
"The service men are wonderful, however when you call to make appointment that process is not costumer friendly at all. To be expected to be available for 10 working days without any indication when they will be out is really unacceptable. They will not even call the day before to allow you a chance to make sure someone can actually be home, where most businesses will give you at least a range of time, Suburban Propane can not even bother to give you a day. Unfortunately if you rent their tanks you are obligated to purchase propane from them."
Robert Greene
15:28 05 Oct 20
"My experience with my local Suburban office was exceptional, worthy of more than 5 stars. Thanks"
Frels on Rock
12:56 11 Aug 20
"Suburban Propane has been a valued supplier for homes in the Yonder Luxury Vacation Rentals portfolio for years, and their service is top-notch. We value and appreciate the care and service that they extend to our owners."
Brian Isom
20:12 10 Aug 20
"I recently gave 2 stars for some issues we had with suburban. They reached out via email and then with a phone call to smooth things out. All business have issues at times. It is the business's that try to make things right that I want to continue to do business with and will. Thank you Tanya! (I hope I spelled your name right)"
Deb Love
19:42 20 Feb 20
"I used Suburban to fill my propane tank on my home which is new construction. They were easy to work with, efficient and filled my tank within one day. I prefer this company over Balsam who installed the tank and did the 1st fill. They had no record of my home and tried to have me lease the equipment that I own. Suburban was professional and efficient and I will continue to work with them."
Ann Hobbs
20:52 15 Jan 20
"As an adult living with disabilities it is very important to know that my heating and cooking needs are met. Suburban Propane is never having to think about it, it just happens and all in a good way. My local driver checks my tank and lets me know when I need more propane. Then he asks if I'm ready for my gas to be filled before he fills my tank. Thank You Suburban Propane."
Danielle Andrews
13:40 09 Jan 20
"I always love the folks I’ve spoken with each time I’ve called. They’re down to earth and easy to reach. I love that! It took about two weeks to get my propane delivery. They noted that it’d be seven days but the delay could have been a fluke. I was also double debited on my account. I applied that credit to my delivery so it worked out. I’ll amend my review as time goes on if delivery improves."
Charlene Nix
16:52 20 Dec 19
"We are overjoyed with the customer service we have received from Suburban Propane! Angela is a pleasure to work with, as well. The gentleman that brought my tank made an excellent suggestion on where to place our tank and was thorough on setting it up safely. We are warm and toasty! Completely satisfied and highly recommended!"
Jeff McLean
21:18 11 Dec 19
"The delivery people are very courteous and consistently helpful. What more could a customer want?"
David Burke
18:51 09 Dec 19
"I recently posted a very negative review that outlined my experiences of being regularly charged higher rates than those offered by the competitors. I was, however, subsequently contacted by the local branch manager, who resolved all of my issues in a very friendly and professional manner. This is an example of great, responsive customer service (and was a lot easier than digging up my tank)."
Charlene Nix
11:48 15 Nov 19
"We are overjoyed with the customer service we have received from Suburban Propane! Angela is a pleasure to work with, as well. The gentleman that brought my tank made an excellent suggestion on where to place our tank and was thorough on setting it up safely. We are warm and toasty! Completely satisfied and highly recommended!"
Jeff Stein
23:17 04 Nov 19
"My tanks haven’t run out in the winter. Simple billing. What more can I ask for?"
Jewel Williams
16:20 01 Nov 19
"Suburban has always done an excellent job for me."
Joann Heron
21:30 30 Oct 19
"Very good service, always timely as well. I am very pleased with their service."
Carolyn Darden
14:22 09 Oct 19
"Thank you for very good services over the past years."
Carrie Hux
21:57 16 Jul 19
"As ALWAYS, you definitely did an outstanding job! You are more like family to me than service providers and that is evident in your genuine care of your customer. No matter what the situation, I know that the person I am in contact with will take care of it in a timely, professional,and respectful manner. So THANK YOU for all that you do and all that you are,,,,, I am happy to be part of Suburban's family . And, thanks for lighting the hot water Heater's pilot,,, lol!"
Maonie Littlejohn
16:18 14 Jun 19
"We were very pleased with how you worked with us while we were customers. Could not ask for better service. Thank you so much for the years of service."
Larry Caudill
18:10 16 May 19
"I used Suburban for a couple of years. I received good service with no problems. Their price was very good but they increased their price so much that it was necessary for me to go with a company with much better pricing."
bob gelder
15:38 16 Apr 19
"I called on what must have been a busy Monday morning. The customer service representative was not hurried. She listened to my question, researched the issue and resolved it in a most pleasant manner. So enjoyed the interaction with her."
Donna Banks
12:57 22 Mar 19
"I am on a payment plan that keeps changing without enough notice. There is no consistence with billing. Do like the power company and only change the payment plan once a year not every other month."
Danielle Barber
15:55 13 Mar 19
"The customer service provided by M Ball from the Asheville office is exceptional. I was a customer of Suburban Propane in Raleigh NC for 15 yrs and now in Asheville, NC for almost 5 years. I stay because of the great service of the office staff. Thanks for the helpful, and cheerful service."
Melissa Jones
16:03 12 Mar 19
"From start to finish Suburban Propane has been amazing to deal with. We did have the best delivery driver ever but sadly he resigned and our new one is not quite as good but Michelle in the office is just so wonderful to deal with that it makes up for any small issues we've had. All in all they are truly a great company . We have them at two properties with no regrets."
melissa whiteside
13:44 12 Mar 19
"Amazing Experience!! - My grandmother and I worked with Michelle (in the office) and Greg (for installation) and both were absolutely amazing with the installation of her new LP Fireplace! - they answered all of our questions promptly and with care. We talked with several different companies and found that Suburban Propane had the best customer service out of any in our area. Thank you again for the unbeatable service!!"
Treva Redmon
00:04 12 Mar 19
"Tonya Hicks is very competent, returns calls and is very pleasant and treats us, the senior citizens with respect. She is the best!!"
Amy Castellani
19:32 11 Mar 19
"Never a complaint have been using going on 16 years. Reasonable prices, always comes in a timely manner when we call. Friendly customer service and easy online payment options."
Leigh-Ann Laney
02:40 04 Mar 18
"Just have to say how thankful we are to Tony and Coker at Suburban here in Asheville. After filling our tank earlier in the day, these two amazing gentlemen came after hours to troubleshoot our furnace after we smelled gas and couldn't get the furnace to cut on. They were here until almost 10PM and they were so nice and helpful and get us up and running. We're sleeping in a warm house thanks to them. Thanks for the excellent service!"
Gina S
15:49 02 Dec 17
"The customer service was excellent! I have had a few issues with having a tank brought to my travel trailer. Gilbert has been so gracious and patient in rescheduling multiple times to have the work done. They have the friendliest technicians that have gone above and beyond to answer every one of my questions which made using an RV propane stove less worrisome. This company and its employess have a genuine regard for my safety and well-being. I appreciate them and the fact that they take pride in their work and did such a great job handling all of my requests!"
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