Roger M
19:07 07 Jul 20
"My experiences with the Albany Suburban Propane office began when they purchased my previous provider decades ago. Initially I was skeptical of the "big" company taking over my account and how it would impact my experience. To this day I have never been disappointed with how I have been treated or the service I received from the staff at the Albany office. They have always been extremely helpful and caring and I hold them in high regard. Today, Darren Eckler set the bar even higher. His attention to assuring my satisfaction was extraordinary. He made me feel like I was important as a customer and a person. I felt he extended himself well beyond my expectations. I commend him - and his fellow workers."
Patricia Parkins
15:24 18 Dec 19
"We needed a delivery earlier than normal and the Suburban team was quick to respond! Thanks for keeping a healing heart surgery patient cozy and warm at home!"
carol benton
15:02 13 Nov 19
"Takes 20 minutes of commercials to talk to someone but helpful and friendly service. Prices are higher than competition and upcharge if you want it within 24 hours even if they are next door lol"
Anneliese Siebertz
18:36 03 Sep 19
"The install of the new propane tank went without a hitch, nice and neat job.Thank you."
Carmen Ciccarelli
18:27 28 Aug 19
"Recently signed up for the Early Buy Purchase Plan. Received my first prepaid delivery last week. Very well pleased with my decision, and with the service and dependability of the Suburban team of people that handle my account."
Richard Hansen
23:41 13 Aug 19
"The last time I talked to someone about an issue was last year. The man on the phone was kinda rude. I called because I was concerned that my gas usage seemed higher and that I had smelled gas around thank. The man that came was great and said that sometimes there is a trace around the tank and also checked the connections, as there have been times where he needed to tighten the fittings. All went well and a was happy. It been great so far."
Cathy Worcester
11:56 11 Aug 19
"I have had difficult times as a senior living with a husband who has a rare incurable brain disease. I have run our of gas a couple times and the staff has gone above and beyond to help. Even nicer, the staff are unaware of my age or circumstances. They are just genuinely good. Surprisingly a group of nice. Another rarity. Thanks to all!"
Roger Grout
02:40 23 May 19
"I have had Suburban Propane servicing my McDonald's restaurant in Halfmoon for over 19 years and my office for 10 years! I am so impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the local staff, consistent pricing models and drivers extra efforts to make sure we were delivered successfully even in horrible winter weather. Trusted and valued Supplier! Thank You!"
Laura Miles
19:17 01 May 19
"The serviceman, Mark, was great. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Suburban Propane."
deanna seab
19:06 21 Mar 19
"we have used suburban propane for the past few years and have had excellent service, from delivery to customer service. darren eckler has made sure our needs were always met and is always available for questions or concerns. we have used both auto-delivery and will-call with ease. their prices are always competitive and i would highly recommend them."
Alton Reedy
00:32 25 Jan 17
"Suburban Propane has excellent service and experienced staff to handle all your energy needs!!"
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