When a town gets a nickname that sticks, there’s usually a good reason for it. And sometimes – as is the case with Huntsville, Alabama – there’s more than one reason. Huntsville is known as the “Rocket City” for having built many of NASA’s booster rockets during the space race. But the name also applies because the metropolis just keeps surging onward and upward.

Nowhere is this more evident than in taking a look at the Suburban Propane Customer Service Center (CSC) that’s located in Huntsville. Combining experience, advanced technology and superior customer service, this CSC continues to grow along with the community it serves.

“I thank my lucky stars I’m here,” CSC Manager Ken Watson says. Having lived for many years in north Alabama before Suburban Propane asked him to return three years ago, Ken was familiar with the market, the customers and even many of the employees at the CSC he now manages. “I’ve been fortunate enough to assemble a team of some very loyal and knowledgeable professionals,” he says, “many of whom have fifteen or more years’ experience in the business.”


Nothing beats experience, but that’s not all that Suburban Propane offers that makes it one of the most respected propane suppliers in the region. “Suburban Propane excels in new technology,” Ken notes. “Our customized distribution software is superior to anything that’s out there, which enables us to be more efficient in servicing our customers’ needs.”

Simply stated, that’s what it’s all about: Customer Service. “Suburban Propane was already focused on customer service before I came back here,” says Ken. “But thanks to our tried-and-true training methods, and our emphasis on safety, we just keep moving forward. And we’ve also put a greater priority on community-boosting initiatives, including our co-sponsorship of a regional hot air balloon festival, and our participation in an American Red Cross blood drive.”

Better still, the future continues to look bright. “There have been a lot of companies announcing their intentions to relocate to the Huntsville area in the past few years,” Ken notes, “and that’s always good news.” In the Rocket City, not even the sky is the limit!