Recently, Suburban Propane partnered with Whittier Kid City, a nonprofit run by Boise Parks and Recreation and the Boise School District, to provide more than 100 Robotics + STEM kits and an array of new sports equipment for Kid City students to enjoy. The donation included supplies necessary for a robotics and traveling STEM program, including curriculum and activities for STEM kits that will rotate at each of the Kid City after school programs throughout the city of Boise, as well as a variety of equipment for field hockey, flag football, and basketball. Robotics + STEM kits included: Build Your Own Robots featuring coding, circuits and mechanical engineering; Physics of Design and Movement included building structures like catapults, power boats, and straw rockets to see how they interact with the environment; Chemical and Physical Reactions included chemistry experiments; Environmental Reactions included oily oceans, hydroponics, and create your own creatures; Molecular/Chemical/Physical Interactions included learning about and creating various types of molecules and polymers; and Biology and Ecosystems in which kids can demonstrate the reactions and consequences of certain influences on the environment. This year, SuburbanCares is undertaking charitable endeavors to help children in numerous underserved communities, including Albany, NY; Dayton, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Santa Fe, NM; Santa Rosa, CA; Columbia and Charleston, SC; and New Brunswick, NJ. SuburbanCares has also provided meals to healthcare professionals in some of the most COVID-19-affected regions in the nation, including Florida, California, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C.