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Propane-Powered Irrigation Engines: Your Green Advantage in the Field

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A Clean Fuel

Research from the Gas Technology Institute shows that propane-powered irrigation engines produce up to 8% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel models and propane produces 18% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline engines. It is a clean fuel that will also help keep your engine clean. Fewer deposits on engine components can contribute to a longer engine life with fewer maintenance issues. Because propane is a nontoxic gas, there’s no need for an EPA spill prevention plan. With propane powered irrigation engines, you can be confident that you’re keeping up with environmental regulations. EPA- and CARB-certified models are available for sale in all 50 states.

Performance You Can Count On

Today’s EPA- and CARB-certified propane-powered engines have been designed and built from the ground up by leading engine manufacturers. They are engineered specifically to run on propane, so you get consistent power that’s available when and where you need it. And because propane is portable and operates on an independent system, you don’t have to worry about grid-related power interruptions or gas line fluctuations.

Propane also stores exceptionally well, so there’s no need to drain tanks or stabilize your fuel from one season to the next. Plus, with the nature of the delivery and storage infrastructure, fuel theft is of little to no concern. Your propane provider will work with you to set up a fueling schedule that ensures your tank is always full.

What Farmers Are Saying

Results from the Propane Farm Incentive Program found that farmers are experiencing major advantages with their new propane-powered engines:




Efficiency & Affordability

When you look at the benefits of propane, the cost advantages make it a smart business decision. New propane-powered engines typically cost 20%-40% less than diesel engines for comparable power. When you factor in the Propane Farm Incentive Program or other available local incentives, the upfront costs are even less.

Once you start operating your propane-powered irrigation engine, the savings continue to add up. Most farmers save 40% or more compared with a diesel-fueled engine doing the same job. And compared with natural gas, a propane-powered engine provides 10% more horsepower per unit — that’s more power for your money!

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council

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