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Partnering with Keep Austin Fed to Help Alleviate Food Insecurity

Earlier this week, volunteers from Suburban Propane collaborated with the dedicated team at Keep Austin Fed a nonprofit organization committed to effectively addressing the issue of food insecurity in a sustainable manner. Volunteers joined forces to organize surplus nutritious food for individuals in need throughout the Austin, Texas area.

Unfortunately, food waste is a genuine concern across the country. Particularly when paired with the number of individuals living in poverty and facing food insecurity daily. A large amount of surplus  food ends up in landfills, poses negative implications on the environment, and does little to address food insufficiency to people at risk. Thankfully, organizations like Keep Austin Fed tackle concurrent issues, by engaging in sustainable practices that address hunger and reduce unnecessary waste affecting the environment.

By partnering with numerous local food businesses and community organizations, Keep Austin Fed acquires a surplus of wholesome, nutritious food – food that traditionally would have gone to waste, and distributes it to those in need throughout the local community. Not only is Keep Austin Fed sustainably preventing food waste and combating food insecurity, but these efforts minimize the rubbish ending up in landfills and support efforts for a cleaner world.

“Keep Austin Fed is truly appreciative of a compassionate community that believes healthy food is a basic human right and that we need to act now to preserve our environment for future generations,” said Lisa Barden, Executive Director, Keep Austin Fed. “We are thrilled to collaborate with businesses like Suburban Propane who promote sustainability as a core value. Insufficient access to healthy food options is not a production problem, but a distribution problem. Reducing hunger and helping heal our planet by keeping perfectly good food out of the landfill and getting it to people who need it most is a win-win solution.”

The endeavor is a segment of Suburban Propane’s SuburbanCares initiative, which actively provides aid and volunteers by partnering with organizations in their vital mission. This partnership with Keep Austin Fed showcases our dedication to the community while reinforcing SuburbanCares’ commitment to sustainability through food waste reduction and environmental impact.

Our heartfelt thanks extend to everyone who participated in this event for their unwavering commitment and ongoing efforts. To get involved or learn more about Keep Austin Fed, please visit

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