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September 3 Marks National Tailgating Day!


The long lazy days of summer will soon be over, and be replaced by crisp fall air. Another sign of autumn is kids going back to school and the kick-off of many fall sports. All this can only mean one thing – it’s TAILGAITING TIME!


The first Saturday of September marks National Tailgating Day. Established in 2016, National Tailgating Day is a holiday where fans are encouraged get out and attend these social gatherings and spend time enjoying each other’s company before the big event – whether it be a sporting event, concert, or whatever event warrants a tailgate!

While tailgating differs from region to region, some things are standard throughout, such as: an automobile, comfortable chairs, snacks, games such as cornhole or catch, good music, tasty beverages, and of course, a propane grill to cook up all that great food!


Here are a few tips to observe while celebrating National Tailgating Day:


Gather Supplies Ahead of Time


The propane for the grill is important, but if you have no food, you have no tailgate. Make sure you’ve been done your shopping, prepping, and marinating the day before so all you have left to do is grab the ice and pack the car.


Rules of the Game


Be aware of the rules of your location before you go. Nothing puts a damper on your party faster than having it shut down before its even started.


Early Bird Gets…. The Space?


Get there early and scope out your spot! Talk with your crew and strategize – do you want to be by the grass, by the bathrooms, by the entrance, or do you prefer the exit? Whatever you choose, make sure you arrive early enough to get the spot you want and have room for all your friends.


Make Some Space


While location is important you also need room for all your stuff, including your propane grill and tank. While fun is important, room to grill away from seating is key as nobody enjoys smoke in their face. Make sure to never place a propane grill under a tent either!

Shut it Down


It’s Game Time! Make sure you double check that everything securely shut off on your propane grill and that you’ve closed the valve on the propane tank. Do not put the tank or the grill in your car, give them time to cool down. Always ensure both items are securely stowed whenever transporting.

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