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How We’re Going Green With Propane

The Go Green with Suburban Propane initiative by the Company aims to showcase clean, green, sustainable attributes of propane and renewable propane, while also advocating for a transition towards sustainable energy sources and a low-carbon future.

From powering lawnmowers and forklifts to fleet vehicles propane satisfies the needs of various industries nationwide. Residential, commercial, governmental, industrial, and agricultural sectors utilize propane and acknowledge how propane offers a smaller carbon footprint in comparison to its oil counterparts, leading to fewer emissions and less smog.

Suburban Propane continually focuses on innovation, cutting-edge technology, and strategic investments, to establish propane and renewable propane as a green alternative that meets the energy demands of the future and reduces the negative impact on our planet.

In addition to pioneering a low-carbon future, Suburban Propane actively engages in fostering community support and responsibility in environmental stewardship through local efforts and nationwide partnerships as part of our SuburbanCares initiatives across our 42-state footprint. From the restoration of open spaces to cleanups and beautifying beachfront, parks, and other areas, Suburban Propane and its employees proactively support community sustainability efforts.

Go Green with Suburban propane is dedicated to advancing initiatives that benefit the environment, and Mother Earth and contribute positively to the well-being of our communities on both local and national scales.

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