Customer Service Center Manager Jesse L. (Sarasota, FL) recently received a letter of appreciation from Propane Environmental Services — an independent training company located in Venice, Florida — for his office’s participation in a series of emergency training sessions held over a two week period. The company had been hired by Florida Propane Education Research Council (PERC) to help educate first responders in Manatee County on the properties of — and safety issues relating to — propane, and had asked Suburban Propane’s help in completing its education and training exercises.

“We were pleased to be able to help out,” Jesse says. “We coordinated with the training company and sent over a bobtail and two of our employees (Kevin Freeman, Service Tech and Juan Solis, Plant Attendant) to make first responders familiar with the workings of a typical bobtail, including safety issues related to the transport and delivery of propane. In the two weeks that the sessions took place, a total of 151 first responders were trained in propane emergency response.”

The letter noted how “very professional and knowledgeable” Kevin and Juan were in talking about propane, and the “very positive impression” they made on the group.