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Tank Rent

Suburban Propane provides a storage tank for our customers’ use. We maintain ownership and responsibility for the tank(s) at our customer’s property. As owner of the tank(s), we are responsible [...]

Transportation Fuel Surcharge

Increases in the price of crude oil, diesel fuel and gasoline have affected us all, and in particular, companies like Suburban that deliver their product by truck. These increases have [...]

Restocking (Pump Out) Fee

A Restocking Fee covers the labor cost required to disconnect and pump out any remaining propane from a Suburban Propane owned tank. Labor costs can vary by region and location.

Closeout (Tank Pickup) Fee

The Closeout Fee covers administrative activities and labor costs associated with closing a customer account, such as issuing the customer a refund, processing a final statement and picking up the [...]

System Leak Test Fee

This fee may be charged to partially defray the cost of labor incurred to conduct a leak test. Leak tests are required when introducing gas into a new gas piping [...]

Reconnect Fee

This fee is for reconnecting the customer’s gas service following a tank lock-off. Reconnect fees will vary depending on whether or not the reconnect is scheduled during normal business hours.

Will Call Fee

This fee may be charged to a non auto-routed customer to help defray the added costs of scheduling and completing a special delivery at the customer's request.

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