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Eat Out More Often with Outdoor Kitchens Powered by Propane

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For flexibility, style, and convenience, you can trust propane to power your outdoor kitchen.

Serve Up Good Times

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to make cooking a memorable experience. Home cooks have taken to creating beautiful kitchen entertainment spaces outdoors, complete with luxury grills, pizza ovens, patio heaters, and much more. When it comes to powering these appliances, more people prefer propane for its fast heat-up times and quick cleanup. Regardless of your cooking style, turn on the party with propane with the turn of a switch.

How Outdoor Kitchens Take Shape

You have options when it comes to the exact layout of your outdoor kitchen. A straight option will generally cost less, and could be pushed up against a wall to save space in smaller areas, or be used as an island. An L-shape gives you more counter space to use while prepping and cooking, with the potential for some bartop seats. With a U-shaped layout, you’ll have more space to install multiple appliances and include seating.

Increase Your Property Value

You could build an addition onto your house to increase your property value — but you could get the same results by building an outdoor kitchen you can enjoy from installation, up to your last day in the home. A propane-powered outdoor kitchen extends your square footage of living space to make family dinners more special.

How It Works

There’s no one-size-fits-all outdoor kitchen; yours will depend on your style and budget. If you’re thinking of a smaller-scale option, you may choose to keep things simple with a rolling cart and a propane grill powered by a portable propane tank. If you’re thinking big, your outdoor kitchen might involve hardscaping, countertops, and a grill that’s hooked up to your propane line. The benefit of a grill hooked up to your propane line is that you’ll never run out of fuel. Consider installing the kitchen closer to your house so you don’t get stuck carrying food across the yard.

Next Steps to Get Cooking

An outdoor kitchen centered on a propane grill is achievable for a range of budgets. Talk to your propane supplier about what you’re ready to spend, and find out how they can help with the process. They may be able to direct you to a local contractor that specializes in designing and installing outdoor kitchens, too. Always use a qualified professional to install a permanent propane appliance — for your safety, and to get the best results.

Courtesy of Propane Education & Research Council

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