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Demand for Generators Thrives Amid Planned California Outages


Installers are working overtime to keep up with demand as homeowners worry about losing power for extended periods.

What Makes Propane the Best Choice for Standby Power

Propane generators can give homeowners more than power. It can give them peace of mind by keeping the electricity flowing in the event of a power failure. Power outages are becoming more frequent. According to Eaton’s 2014 Blackout Tracker Annual Report, the US suffered 3,634 power outages in 2014, affecting more than 14 million people. That’s 12 percent higher than 2013, and 285 percent more often than in 1984. What’s more, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, outages are actually lasting longer. Despite the financial and emotional toll a power outage can place on a family, only 27 percent of homeowners report having any source of backup power.

Propane: Resiliency Defined

In areas where natural disasters have occurred, many builders have discovered the value of building and marketing more durable homes. A propane standby generator will give homeowners heating and cooling, lighting, refrigeration, and the amenities their neighbors are without, after the power is knocked out. These are what make families feel safer and more secure when the rest of the neighborhood is without power.

A reliable propane standby generator allows a house to:

  • Resist hazards brought on by major disasters, such as damage to appliances or electronics, spoiled food, loss of heat or air conditioning, hotel costs, and more.
  • Continue providing the primary function of a home — protecting your family — after a disaster.
  • Reduce the magnitude or duration of a disruptive event to a property and the impact on homeowners.

Ask the Question: Are You Prepared?

The Propane Education & Research Council conducted research in partnership with B2B International Research and found only 40% of homeowners say they’re even somewhat prepared for this situation; 15% feel very unprepared. A propane standby generator will give you more than just power. It will give you peace of mind. You’ll feel more than prepared the next time you see storm clouds on the horizon or the threat of a power outage, knowing their family will have heat, light, power, and a hot meal.

What Makes Propane the Best Choice for Standby Power? The Power of Propane.

A standby generator powered by propane offers advantages that other fuel sources simply can’t match:

  • Permanently installed and supplied by an above- or below- ground tank, it starts automatically, the moment the power goes down.
  • Supplies supplemental electricity in as little as 10 seconds after an outage.
  • Produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel or gasoline.
  • Propane is non-toxic, non-poisonous, and won’t contaminate soil or water.
  • Propane doesn’t degrade over time, unlike diesel or gasoline, making it an ideal standby power fuel.
  • Most units produce as little as 60 decibels of noise, comparable to normal conversation.
  • Available in a variety of capacities to fit the needs of any size home.
  • Can handle an entire home’s energy needs for days, unlike solar- or wind- powered systems.

Click here to download the Propane Safety & Wildfires brochure

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