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Propane is Favored by Chefs Worldwide… Chefs worldwide choose cooking with propane for its precise temperature control and instant heat.

With its instant response and variable flame, propane gives chefs the heat they want and the control they need for better cooking – and today’s new energy efficient gas cooking equipment makes propane even more economical to use. Every chef knows nothing beats cooking with gas!

Propane Offers Comfort & Efficiency… When you’re looking for both comfort and efficiency for your restaurant, outdoor café or banquet facility, choose propane. If you operate a restaurant, you understand that the bottom line is always top of mind. Cutting operating costs while maintaining the quality and safety of your restaurant is important. Switching to propane to power your restaurant is one of the best decisions you can make. Propane is not only used for cooking but for dishwashing/water heating, fireplaces, indoor/outdoor space heating, generators and outdoor lighting. Propane appliances install easily in any room or outdoor space.

Propane Is More Reliable… By switching to propane you are eliminating the unreliability of electric-based power. When there is a power outage, you can continue to serve your customers comfortably, while the electric-based kitchens must shut down. This is especially true if you have a propane powered back-up generator. As a restaurant, you can’t afford any downtime if the power does go out. Refrigerated food depends on an uninterrupted power supply. While unpredictable weather and power grids provide an unreliable supply of electricity, propane is a dependable energy source that doesn’t waiver during a storm.

Propane Is More Environmentally Friendly… Propane is an alternative fuel source that does not produce high carbon emissions. When compared to other heating options, propane not only has lower emissions, but it is a more efficient heating source with lower heating costs.

High efficiency propane furnaces are an affordable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly heating option for restaurants that is economical to operate. They can provide effective space heating for any size floor plan, with a versatile installation capability due to its PVC combustion air intake and sideways exhaust piping design. More importantly, the air used for combustion is taken from outdoors, making high efficiency propane furnaces a safe heating option.

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