A Greener Way to Do Business

Propane mowers improve both sides of the balance sheet, helping bring in new business and save more during operation. Propane mowers can reduce your fuel and maintenance costs, allowing you to pass on those savings to customers. Propane also can help contractors win more bids with green-minded customers. There are over 150 propane mower models — including walk-behind, stand-on, and zero-turn-radius models — available from the brands you know. Whichever is right for you, you’ll be saving more on fuel and labor expenses, while reducing emissions. You may also convert existing equipment using EPA- and CARB-certified conversion kits. With a propane powered mower you can look forward to: Reduced Fuel Costs: Propane Is Consistently Less Expensive At The Pump, Helping You Submit More Competitive Bids With Potential Customers. Lower Labor Expenses: On-Site Refueling Allows Your Crew To Spend More Time Working And Less Time At The Gas Station. On The Job, Employees Are More Productive And Satisfied Using Clean Equipment. Fuel Security: Propane Equipment Has A Secure, Closed-Loop Fuel System. This Saves Money By Virtually Eliminating Costly, Harmful Spills, And Dramatically Reducing Fuel Theft. More Green-Minded Customers: Promoting Your Choice To Use Cleaner Fuel Can Help Attract New Business From People Who Care About Sustainability.  
Courtesy of Propane Education & Research Council

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