Michael Stivala

President & CEO

Suburban Propane

“At Suburban Propane, we recognize the need to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint and improve overall air quality. The current clean-burning attributes of propane are a positive contributor to the goals of decarbonization, particularly when used as a replacement for gasoline and diesel in the transportation sector. Through our Go Green with Suburban Propane initiative, we are committed to the development of innovative solutions to further reduce the emissions profile of propane and to creating a pathway to zero carbon emissions. Our investment in Oberon Fuels is perfectly aligned with our strategic growth initiatives, and our commitment to being a pioneer in the transition to a sustainable energy future. We are very excited to partner with the team at Oberon Fuels in support of their efforts to realize their vision of bringing DME technology together with propane to dramatically lower the carbon footprint.”

Rebecca Boudreaux, Ph.D.

President & CEO


“Suburban Propane is making a bold statement that innovative approaches can drive sustainability across the industry. This is an opportunity for two molecules – DME and propane – to come together and provide the world with a cost-effective, clean-burning fuel that offers a pathway to carbon neutrality. We could not be happier to be working with Suburban Propane to bring this technology to the market and meet the increasing demands for lower emissions.”

One Molecule, Many Benefits

Dimethyl ether, or DME, packs a big punch for a small molecule!

Puts Waste to Work: DME can be made from a variety of waste sources, including; animal waste, food waste and waste from paper and pulp manufacturing.

Decarbonizes Transportation: Renewable DME is a clean replacement for diesel fuel, reduces the carbon footprint of propane and can unlock the potential of hydrogen fuel cells.

Clears the Air: Renewable DME reduces harmful pollutants that contribute to poor air quality and health issues for people around the world.

Creates Opportunity: Advancing from development stage to production stage manufacturing for the distribution and utilization of rDME creates family-wage jobs and economic development.

(Image Credit 2020 Ron Jautz)

DME reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
DME can be produced from multiple waste or renewable resources, reducing GHG between 68-101%.

Compatible with propane.
rDME has similar properties and can be stored and transported with existing propane infrastructure.

DME is hydrogen-rich.
With six hydrogen atoms in each molecule, DME is particularly dense in hydrogen.

Ready for the road.
There are roughly 200,000 propane vehicles on the road today that could benefit from a rDME/propane blend.

Go Green with Suburban Propane is an important aspect of our company’s mission to pioneer a cleaner, more sustainable energy future through innovation, technology and key investments.

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