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Fleet Autogas

Why Choose Propane?

Propane autogas is a clean alternative fuel approved under the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the third most popular vehicle fuel worldwide behind gasoline and diesel. Commonly used to fuel buses, trucks, vans, shuttles, taxicabs, police and government vehicles, propane has been an important part of America’s energy mix for more than a century. What makes propane popular with users, however, is what separates it from conventional fuels like gasoline and diesel:

Propane vs. Compressed Natural Gas

Less Expensive Fueling Stations

Typically one CNG station can cost as much as 10x more than a comparable propane autogas station.

Distance to the pipeline, available gas pressure, engineering drawings, are just a few of the factors that can have a significant impact on the cost of installing a CNG station. Propane is a self-contained, closed system that is not affected by pipeline distance or pressure.

Best Value for Conversions

For the approximate price of converting one light-duty vehicle to CNG, you could convert two light-duty vehicles to propane autogas.

Maintenance Facility Infrastructure

Unlike Propane, CNG is lighter than air. As such, companies choosing CNG and operating their own maintenance facilities will need to invest significant dollars in upgrades to meet the safety codes required for CNG service facilities. These include but are not limited to installation of pressure gauges, leak detection equipment and proper ventilation.

Companies choosing propane for their fleets can utilize their existing maintenance facilities that are certified for gasoline and diesel, with no added infrastructure costs!

Propane vs. Diesel

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The costs of diesel add up quickly; expensive fuel, additional fluids, and pricey particulate filters. Propane autogas vehicles burn cleaner and do not require special filters or fluids.

High Performance Vehicles

Choose from a wide selection of OEM-supported vehicles that are EPA- and CARB- certified — without sacrificing the horsepower, torque and towing capacity you’d get from their conventionally fueled counterparts.

Propane autogas vehicles operate quieter than diesel models, allowing drivers to better focus on their passengers and the road.

Less Downtime

With propane autogas, you can skip the downtime typically caused by diesel’s extra repairs and maintenance. Propane autogas vehicles also provide superior cold-weather performance compared with diesel.

Affordable, flexible infrastructure

Fleets can choose private, on-site refueling infrastructure scaled for their needs, or take advantage of flexible public or private refueling networks.

Refueling infrastructure can be purchased, leased, or provided with no up-front costs. Let one of our Autogas specialists help you determine what is the right program for your company!

Clean American-Made Fuel

By using propane autogas, your company is supporting our country’s economy – nearly 90 percent of our country’s propane supplies are produced domestically. Utilizing American-made propane autogas can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and support our economy at the same time, all while meeting your company’s sustainability goals!

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