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Fleet Autogas

Types of Propane Autogas Vehicles

Propane autogas fleet vehicles are available from major manufacturers in a variety of light to medium-duty applications and school transportation.

Light and Medium Duty OEM

You have choices when it comes to selecting the right vehicles for your fleet. Light-duty and medium models are available from major manufacturers with a variety of style and performance packages.

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West Port


Suburban Propane works with a variety of partners offering EPA/CARB certified conversions for a large number of vehicles. Let Suburban Propane help you determine if your existing fleet is eligible for a conversion.

icom propane autogas conversions
impco commercial propane trucks
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School Transportation Vehicles

With the lowest total cost-of-ownership, an infrastructure that fits the budget and a complete selection of quiet, safe buses from every leading brand, propane autogas buses check all the boxes for school transportation officials.

Lowest Total Cost-Of-Ownership

  • Fuel. Propane autogas consistently costs less than diesel, even as fuel prices fluctuate.
  • Fluids. Diesel buses need more oil by volume compared with propane autogas, increasing preventative maintenance costs. Diesel buses also require fuel conditioners to prevent clogging of fuel filters and lines.
  • Filters. Diesel particulate filters are an added expense with diesel buses. The filters must be cleaned periodically to meet emissions requirements, causing extra downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance Infrastructure. No added infrastructure costs for your maintenance facilities, if they are already certified for diesel and gasoline.

Plus, there is no need to source vehicles from different manufacturers. The manufacturer you already know for conventionally fueled buses also produces Type A and Type C propane autogas models. Options include:

blue bird autogas bus fleetBlue Bird Type A Micro Bird and Type C Vision in partnership with Ford and Roush CleanTech.

thomas built buses school alternative fuelThomas Built Type A Minotaur in partnership with General Motors and CleanFuel USA and Type C Saf-T-Liner in partnership with Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp., Powertrain Integration, and CleanFuel USA.

Collins autogas bus fleetCollins Type A NexBus in partnership with General Motors and CleanFuel USA.